If you are serious about playing poker, then surely you know about customized poker chips and card guards.

Have you ever watched a professional Poker Game and were wowed at how cool and unflappable the intimidating players seemed? Well, part of this mystique is the serious overall look that they sport.

Sure, this includes their clothes and sunglasses, but it is also a reflection of the small details like their card guards. Creating a custom made coin that is designed as a card weight to keep your cards facing down during the game is a great way to have your own custom card guard that conveys your unique attitude, personality and style. Custom card guards are perfect for groups of players that travel together and they also make great gifts for the serious (or amateur!) poker player in your life.

Custom card guards are very different from the poker chips that players use to bet during the card game. Originally, poker chips were created so that the game host, whether a casino or private establishment, had some control over the safety of the chip count. If a house has their own customized poker chips with different colors for different denominations, then counting them is easy and duplicating them is a bit more difficult. Numeration, engravings, and custom designs that are intricate and change yearly also help to ensure against theft or duplication.

This is one of the most preventative measures that poker houses can take in ensuring that they do not get taken advantage of. The more custom the piece, the harder it becomes to replicate and cheat. You can create your own custom poker chip by choosing your own design and colors. This shows other players just how serious you are (and it looks cool too). These chips can also be created to honor certain players or tournaments if you are organizing an event.

Creating your own one-of-a-kind treasures is a great way to show off your personality and intimidate the other players at the table. These items are perfect for groups of players that travel together and they also make great gifts for the poker player in your life. They’re sure to win their next game with these lucky items on their side!