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Destination Imagination is funded on the premise of creativity. We love that idea and have been collaborating with them to make really neat custom trading pins!

Collecting, sharing, and trading items is a popular pastime for students all around the world. Whether it is rocks, sports cards and memorabilia, or custom pins and patches, it is always exciting and invigorating to finally obtain just the one you have been looking for. This is a phenomenon that we have seen at The Monterey Company time and again through the Destination Imagination events. This is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization that we create custom pins for every season. Their mission is to develop opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to utilize diverse approaches in applying 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, citizenship, and courage.

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Destination Imagination has created a series of challenges that are designed to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. There are seven different challenges to choose to participate in including STEM, Improv, Visual Arts, Service Learning, and Early Learning. They are given a problem in one of these areas of study and are challenged to find the best possible solution. Each team is made up of seven members from kindergarten age through the university level and is led by an adult Team Manager who is only there to help them stay on track. These academic tournaments take place all around the world and give students an opportunity to share their innovations and ideas. It is a fun event in which they can gain confidence, learn, and show off their unique skills and abilities.

The custom pins that we create for this event have a significant impact. Giving a group of students direct access to these amazing materials and the opportunity to work with one of our expert designers stretches the reach of their imagination and allows them a whole other modality to work with. Not only that, it also teaches them problem-solving skills and how to work as a team. Teams can create their own unique pin that signifies togetherness and their project and showcases their talent and creativity. Their pins are large, ornate, and beautiful pieces that become collectibles. They make for great keepsakes to remember this wonderful experience by. By far, our most dynamic lapel pins are imagined by and made for young people with an ever-expanding breadth of creativity. We are constantly learning from them!

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