Challenge Coins

What are Challenge Coins?

Military coins, or challenge coins as they are commonly known, have been around since the first World War. During that time air warfare was a new concept. Air squadrons were manned by men from all walks of life, unlike earlier wars when militia were manned from the working class.

One wealthy lieutenant, as the story goes, had a custom coin created for his squadron as a memento of their service together. One of the soldiers, never having had anything of value in his life, became so attached to it that he took to wearing it in a pouch around his neck for safekeeping. It ended up saving his life after being captured behind enemy line. When the French took the German camp all he had to identify himself as an ally was the squadron coin. Thus began the tradition of carrying one’s squadron coin at all times for recognition and identification.

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Custom Made Challenge Coin Gallery

We can make any type of personalized challenge coin you’re looking for. Whether you want 3D coins, antique bronze, copper coins, diamond-cut edge coins or coins with engraved numbers, we can make it for you! Take a look at our custom made challenge coin gallery to see examples of coins we’ve created.

Sample Price List for Personalized Challenge Coins

We work hard to keep the price of our merchandise low, while maintaining the highest level of quality. Our challenge coin company has a low minimum order of 100 pieces but you save more with higher quantity orders. Prices start at $3.68 per coin for a batch of 100 generic pieces. To get a more exact estimate, call us at (877) 290-9290 so we can discuss the type and style of personalized challenge coin that you’re searching for. We’d be happy to send you an extensive gallery showing examples of the work that we’ve created in the past. Or, request a free quote online and we’ll get back to you quickly with an estimate for your order.

Die Fee Per Side$99.00

Challenge CoinsThe trend for soldiers to carry their coins began to encourage all pilots to carry their coins. When pilots met, they would challenge each other to show their coins. If the challenged didn’t have their coin, they had to buy the challenger a drink. If the challenged could produce one, then the challenger had to buy the drink. Not surprisingly, this quickly became a very popular trend.

Today, custom made challenge coins are used for more than the traditional military challenge. They are given out to military and non-military personnel alike for morale boosting, rewards and awards.

What are Personalized Challenge Coins Given For?

They can be used:

  • To commemorate a particular event or competition
  • To build camaraderie in a group
  • To create a piece of collectible commemorative art
  • To celebrate milestones in the military, education or in business
  • To signify affiliation or membership in a group, unit or club

Many different groups and associations give custom made challenge coins to their members or employees, including the armed forces, businesses and corporations, coin traders and collectors, associations and societies, sporting clubs and athletic groups, non-profit and volunteer groups, universities, colleges and schools. We consistently get orders to create military challenge coins, police challenge coins, firefighter challenge coins, navy challenge coins, army medals and marine corps challenge coins.

President Bill Clinton even received military challenge coins as a symbol of respect while in office. He kept the growing collection on display on the credenza in the Oval Office. His collection now lives at the Clinton Library.

How to Order Custom Made Challenge Coins

There are several factors to consider when you order custom challenge coins. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about ordering personalized challenge coins. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, call us at (877) 290-9290 to speak with a challenge coin creator or ask us a question through email.

Can I Engrave My Custom Made Challenge Coins

Yes, our challenge coin creator is able to engrave coins for an additional charge. You can personalize your challenge coins by engraving them with a small logo, message or date. If you need help figuring out how to fit a message on your coin, call us. Our challenge coin company is full of experts that will be glad to help you figure out text placement and ideas.

What Type of Custom Made Challenge Coins Should I Order?

We have developed a process that makes it easy for our customers to order personalized challenge coins.

  1. We’ll work with you to create an original design or we can customize a pre-existing idea you may have. Our challenge coin company is full of experienced staff that can provide you with suggestions to enhance or modify your design as needed in order to ensure that your coin is perfectly suited for production.
  2. Once you approve a final design, the mold is die-struck into thick bronze or copper using our challenge coin creator. Both sides are struck at the same time, then electroplated, sandblasted and polished. Hard enamel color is added before polishing and soft enamel is added after polishing. Our challenge coin creator applies all color by hand.

How Much Time Is Required to Create My Personalized Challenge Coins?

Production time varies depending on the style of coin you choose. However, it normally takes between 2 to 3 weeks to create your challenge coin after the design has been established. Rush jobs are able to be accommodated for an additional charge.

Order Custom Made Challenge Coins from Monterey Company

Become a part of the tradition by giving your employees or club members personalized challenge coins. Use our challenge coin company to design and create military challenge coins, police challenge coins, firefighter challenge coins, navy challenge coins, army medals or marine corps challenge coins. Our challenge coin manufacturer can provide all design and artwork for free. We have low minimum quantities and fast production times and we give all of our customers the best quality, best prices and top-notch customer service.

Contact us by phone at (877) 290-9290 for a free quote or request a free quote online for personalized challenge coins. When you request a quote we’ll get started creating a free proof for your approval!