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Government Coins

Inside Page Featured Image - Government CoinsThese custom coins are die struck into brass metal and the recessed areas are color filled or antiqued depending on the logo or design. Adding 3D can really make these custom coins look amazing.  Diamond cut edges, epoxy, engraving, and dual plating are just some of the option available on these coins.


Government Coin Gallery:

Available Custom Coin Options:
- Sandblasting
- Color
- 3D
- Brass Base Metal or Upgrade to Bronze
- Free Artwork and Unlimited Revisions
- Pre-Production Sample
- Engraving
- Gemstones

Color Options:
- Hard Enamel or Soft enamel
- Epoxy can be added To The Soft Enamel Color
- Color Can Be Added To Engraving
- PMS Color Matching

Did you Know?
Custom Options For Your Coins:

Did you know that the Monterey Company has tons of custom coin options for you, with over 15 different metal plating options as well as 12 different texture options? The combinations are endless, especially when you consider that there is also enamel coloring, gems, bling and other accents to help you create the most original and striking coin possible.


Insights and Ideas!
Splash Minting:

Design on coins has become increasingly extraordinary as designers are employing methods like Splash Minting. Creating scenes that look almost real, and even seem to show movement is attained by this unique method. Special dies are used that allow excess metal to splash out in a sideways direction when the coin is struck. Once this is done, the excess metal left behind by the strike is shaved off, leaving a relief that is elegant, striking and memorable.