Service Pins

Inside Page Featured Image – Service PinsCustom made Years Of Service lapel pins recognize the achievements made by your employees and reflect your company’s brand.  These custom lapel pins will feature a hand polished 24K gold or silver (filled or plated) pin, with the option of a genuine or synthetic gemstone which are traditionally used to indicate the number of years being recognized.  Years Of Service pins tend to come in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and 25 years of service, but certainly any other amount can be created as well.

Custom Service Pins

Years Of Service lapel pins can be created to commemorate different levels of achievement of service to an organization or a place of business.  Quite a few clients also choose to create to present the custom made Years Of Service lapel pins in special packaging to give the gift a special finishing touch that will make it quite memorable.  Any of the many methods of creating these pins are available, giving the client the widest range and options to choose from.

Service Pins Price List

Size 100 200 300 500 750 1000
3/4″ $2.82 $2.23 $1.65 $1.37 $1.33 $1.24
1″ $2.84 $2.29 $1.74 $1.42 $1.32 $1.26
1.25″ $2.90 $2.38 $1.82 $1.49 $1.40 $1.30
1.50″ $3.15 $2.63 $2.11 $1.59 $1.49 $1.40

Setup Fee:

We have two ways to add “Years” to a service pin. If the “Year” needs to in raised metal or part of the die, the set up charge is $45.00 per year.The second option is to engrave the year on the pin and this option is $ .40 per pin.