Enamel pins

The Hidden Beauty of Custom Enamel Pins

You might not know what goes into the process of creating custom enamel pins; believe it or not it’s an extensive procedure involving many phases. The artwork for the lapel pin design must be sketched, the mold must be created, the metal needs to be stamped, soldered, polished and plated, then the enamel and color has to be laid. Incredibly, each enamel pin is individually painted.

Custom enamel pins are a piece of art. Both enamel pin making machines and handcrafted elements are involved in the time-intensive process to create custom enamel pins of value. At The Monterey Company, we’re invested in the creation of high quality lapel pins. We’re proud of the art that we create and we’d love to help you design and make your custom enamel pins.

Request a Free Quote for custom enamel pins today or call us at (877) 290-9290 to speak with an enamel pins expert. We’ll help you design your lapel pins so that they’re tailored to your specific needs.

Styles of Custom Enamel Pins

Not sure which style to choose for your custom enamel pins? When ordering custom pins, you’ll be given options as to the style of lapel pin that will best showcases the appearance of pin you’d like to convey. We’ll talk with you about creating a logo or design that represents the goal for your custom enamel pins.

Part of the narrowing down process is selecting the enamel that will look the best with the type of lapel pin you’d like. We offer four very unique enamel pin styles with different price points to meet any budget. We’ll make sure your custom enamel pins are created in the design, style and enamel type of your choosing.

Soft Enamel Pins

soft enamel

Have you ever wondered what the process of an enamel pin maker is? Let us tell you! Soft enamel pins are made by die striking your enamel pin’s custom design into metal and color. This intricate process fills the recessed areas of the metal with enamel. The enamel fills the recessed areas of the lapel pin leaving the raised metal border to hold in the color.

Multiple colors can be added to your custom pin. We’re able to match any color using soft enamel. After the color is laid, a layer of epoxy is added to soft enamel pins to protect the enamel and make the lapel pin smooth to the touch.

Lapel pins with soft enamel are very economical and can be plated in gold, silver, copper, black and antique finishes. Find out more about the versatility and value of soft enamel pins or request a quote online!

Hard Enamel Pins

hard enamel

Lapel pins with hard enamel are made using almost the same process as soft enamel pins. The only difference between the two styles is the timing when the metal and color are laid. The enamel pin maker embeds the color on the same level as the metal. Epoxy is not necessary for this style of lapel pin as hard enamel pins are already smooth to the touch.

These lapel pins have a higher perceived value and were originally created to resemble the cloisonné pin in a more economic manner. Find out more about the affordability and allure of hard enamel pins or request a quote online!

 Cloisonne Pins


Cloisonné is a 2000 year old enameling technique developed in the Middle East. This process was originally used to make small items such as jewelry, weapons and decorations. By the 14th century, China got ahold of this technique and started to make larger items such as decorative bowls and small statues.

At The Monterey Company, we use the same age-old process to make our cloisonné pins. We make our cloisonné pins from colored sand. The sand is melted at a temperature of 1700 degrees to create a jewelry like appearance. A cloisonné pin feels like glass to the touch.

Cloisonné pins are very collectible and have a very high perceived value. Find out more about the artistic technique of cloisonné pins or request a free quote for cloisonné pins online.

Transparent Enamel Pins

Transparent pin

Pins with transparent enamel are a unique type of lapel pin. This style of pin has a distinctly different look from pins with hard or soft enamel. Transparent enamel is a clear material that shows the recessed metal below the layer of enamel. The process used to create transparent enamel pins involves texturing the die and adding transparent enamel.

The price of transparent pins is around the same price as hard enamel pins. Although there are a limited amount of color options available for transparent pins, we’ll work with you to create a color that will make the design on your custom enamel pins stand out. Find out more about color options for transparent enamel pins or request a free quote online.

Order Your Custom Enamel Pins with Monterey Company

We are dedicated to providing high quality custom enamel pins to our customers. We offer multiple types of enamel pins including corporate recognition awards pins, awareness pins, support pins and event pins. We even make custom pvc patches! You can count on our enamel pin making company to service your next lapel pin or custom patch request in an affordable, simple and speedy manner.

Call us today at (877) 290-9290 to speak with an enamel pins custom specialist. When you call in for a quote, consider whether you’d like your enamel pin to be smooth to the touch and on the same level as the metal. Or, are you looking for custom enamel pins with texture where the enamel is recessed? Moreover, consider whether you’d like your lapel pins to match the colors of your organization’s logo.

We love working with our customers to provide uniquely special custom pins to fulfill their individual needs. We have low minimum quantity orders and we’ll work closely with you to create just the type of custom enamel pin you’re looking for. If you’re considering making custom enamel pins but you’re not ready to order, request a free quote from us online.