Custom Service Pins and employee recognition pins

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Years of Service Pins recognize achievements made by your employees and uniquely reflect your company’s identity. These specialized lapel pins feature hand-polished 24k gold or silver (filled or plated) with options for additional genuine or synthetic gemstones, traditionally used to indicate the number of years being recognized. Let us help you to create the perfect years of service pins, delineating 1, 5, 10, 25 years of service or any other configuration you choose.

Perfect for showing recognition and appreciation to your employees.

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Sample Service Pins

These custom pins can be used for many different occasions, not just for years of service but to commemorate different levels of service to an organization. Most commonly, levels of service is indicated by using different colors of gemstones, number of gemstones, finishes (silver, gold, copper, etc), engraving, or any creative combination of these options. Most of our clients also choose to present the pins in special packaging to give the gift that special finishing touch.

Available Gemstones

  • Synthetic Gemstones
  • Imitation Diamond
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Amethyst
Years of service pins ( Gemstones )

Authentic gemstones as well as real diamonds on service pins can make your pins really stand out and are quoted separately. Real solid gold or silver service pins are quoted on a case by case basis and prices change daily.

Price List – Service Pins

As low as...2.692.121.581.311.201.151.05

Setup Fee

We have two ways to add “Years” to a service pin. If the “Year” needs to in raised metal or part of the die, the set up charge is $45.00 per year.The second option is to engrave the year on the pin and this option is $ .40 per pin.

Facts About Years of Service Pins

Did you know a years of service pin can me made by casting your pin with real silver or gold?  And did you know your pins can also be struck in bronze and plated in silver or gold? Designing a pin in precious metal or plating a pin has virtually the same look. The same goes for adding real gemstones or synthetic stones. Either style custom pin can be individually boxed and these two styles are priced to meet your budget on either side of the price spectrum.Did you know Cloisonne pins are a great option for a years of service pin? Made with real colored glass these pins have a jewelry like finish and are known for having a deep rich color.

Did you know that Disney has it’s own die cast years of service pins?  The offer employees a first year pin, and then at 5 year intervals from that.  The 45th year of service is awarded with a gorgeous lapel pin with a relief of Walt himself, sitting in a chair with Mickey standing on his knee.
So whatever your employee pin needs might be, The Monterey Company can help you out. Our commitment to excellence and precision has made us one of the top service pin manufacturers in the business and can guarantee our clients complete satisfaction with our products. Give us call today at 1-877-290-9290, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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