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Custom Lanyards

Inside Page Featured Image – Custom LanyardsCustom lanyards can be adapted for many uses. If you are one of the many organizations that require their employees to wear employee identification cards while at work, why not present them with a customized lanyard with your company logo? Hospitals, schools, and airports are not the only types of organizations that can benefit from the versatility of custom lanyards. Many of our customers have created custom lanyards as giveaway items in order to promote their businesses, retail shops, or organizations. Many sports teams, professional and amateur alike have benefited greatly by offering or selling their uniquely created lanyards emblazoned with their team mascot and logo. With a variety of styles, we can create the perfect lanyard for you.

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Did you Know?
Lanyards are fast becoming Photographers best friend:

It’s true! Custom designing lanyards with a variety of hooks to hang lens caps from is becoming an amazing support for photographers in need of organization and efficiency when dealing with lens caps. Because of the variety and versatility of lanyards, they can be made in any width, using a variety of material, using color and designs that can add flare to a photographers ensemble.

A lanyard for each lens is made that would then be attached to each lens cap. There are a variety of hooks to be chosen from and its really a personal choice as to how to attach the lens cap to the hook. Sturdy adhesives, holes and grips can be used to connect lens cap to lanyard. Thin lanyards seem to work best as they create very little bulk in a camera bag and are easy to keep separate from the camera strap.

Photographic clubs, classes, and camera shops have begun to pick up on the usefulness of lanyards to photography. Some actually create different colored lanyards for different lenses to keep their camera bag better organized! Its a simple tool, with far reaching benefits that all photographers can get behind.