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Custom Bicycle Head Badges for The Adventurous Bike Shop

Monterey Company Custom Products|

The Head Badge for the front of your bicycle may be more important than you think. Adrenaline courses through her veins as she whips around another turn, the back tire of her Giant Stance 0 gripping agilely in the mud. Three days since the rain [...]

Nothings Says Bike Month Like Custom Head Badges?

Custom Medals|

Cycle your way into November with bicycle head badges! At The Monterey Company, we help you design custom head badges for your company to give to valued employees or customers that they will love attaching to their bicycle for the next National Bike Month.   Are [...]

Bicycle Head Badges

We make customized bicycle head badges. Colorful and artistically produced bike frames can be seen on bike lanes, races, and trails all over the world. Custom bicycle head badges can be made to fit the head tube of your custom bicycles. Show your style and promote your logo and [...]

The Bella Rosa Bike Company Head Badges

Case Studies|

Custom head badges can be a huge selling point for many bike shops. The love of bike riding can be an intoxicating thing.  And we have witnessed that first hand up here in Idyllwild with our local bike shop, which was the first to order [...]

Custom Head Badges for National Bike Month Ride To Work!

Monterey Company Custom Products|

Custom head badges add individuality to any bike. The League of American Bicyclists has designated the month of May to be the National Bike Month. The mission is to promote bicycling for fun, fitness, transportation and work through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America. There [...]

First Time Buyer

Here are a few commonly asked questions on desing and placing an order. How do I place an order? The fastest way is to give us a call or please fill out our Quote Request form. One of our sales representatives will contact you and [...]


Custom Earrings!! The Monterey Company manufactures a vairety custom products. Here a few images of our popular products. Are you looking for a custom made earring with your logo or design? Our earings can be made with Surgical Steel Posts that are hypoallergenic. We manufacture custom earrings [...]

What Type Of Promotional Coins And Emblems Can Be Used For The Outdoors?

Custom Coins|

Do you love the outdoors? We make pins for outdoor events! What kind of gifts can I get for my hiking group? What are some great ways to individualize a bicycle? What are hiking stick badges or medallions? We make custom festival Pins for Renaissance fairs worldwide! [...]

Holiday Lapel Pins, Coins and Keychains

Custom Keychains|

Custom trinkits & the holidays. Last year around this time I wrote about the importance of showing gratitude to customers by giving out 'thank you' holiday gifts or Thanksgiving gifts with letter mailers.  The Monterey Company designs custom thank you keychains, charms, medallions, coins, earrings, head [...]

What Is A Hiking Stick Medallion?

Custom Medals|

Walking Stick Medallion Hiking Stick Medallions are the perfect design adventure for any creative outdoorsy type. While fishing on the Metolius River in Oregon, I noticed a hiker walking by with this walking stick. He was out Geocaching and I had to ask him [...]

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