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Custom Made Silver Bicycle Head Badges

Bicycle Head Badges

Bicycle Head Badges We make customized bicycle head badges Colorful and artistically produced bike frames can be seen on bike lanes, races, and trails all over the world. Custom bicycle head badges can be made to fit the head tube of your custom bicycles. Show your style and promote your logo and have designed a custom head tube badge. […]

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custom bicycle head badges

The Bella Rosa Bike Company Head Badges

Custom head badges can be a huge selling point for many bike shops. The love of bike riding can be an intoxicating thing.  And we have witnessed that first hand up here in Idyllwild with our local bike shop, which was the first to order custom bike head tube badges from us.  But now we […]

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walking stick medallion

What Is A Hiking Stick Medallion?

Hiking Stick Medallions are the perfect design adventure for any creative outdoorsy type. While fishing on the Metolius River in Oregon, I noticed a hiker walking by with this walking stick. He was out Geocaching and I had to ask him if he would be okay If I took a picture of his hiking stick […]

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