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Custom Soft Enamel Pins Summer Sale!

The prices below include your logo die struck and up to four soft enamel colors on a one-inch lapel pin.  Soft enamel pins are our most popular custom pin style we offer! Prices also include shiny bronze plating, setup charges, and shipping charges.

Soft enamel pins are struck in any custom shape you like and we can match your logo colors!

  • 100 @ $349.00
  • 200  @ $399.00
  • 300 @ $ 489.00
  • 500 @ $ 579.00
  • 1000 @ $899.00

Are you looking for custom pins for your Non-Profit Organization?

10% off for Non-profits!

In recognition of the impact non-profit organizations make, both globally and in their local communities, The Monterey Company, Inc. offers a 10% discount on all orders for custom lapel pins, custom coins, medallions, specialty metal products and any of our other volunteer appreciation gifts placed by charities and non-profit organizations with a current 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19) status.

We want to help your organization reach its goals by offering a discount  for lapel pins that we hope will enable you to stretch your budget a little farther, while still allowing you to enjoy all the many wonderful benefits an organizational lapel pin, coin, medal or another one of our custom volunteer appreciation gifts has to offer.

Why lapel pins or other custom metal products? Here are a few reasons why lapel pins alone can help your group spread its message:

  • Reward gifts for loyal volunteers. From our own non-profit work, we know there is simply no way to ever fully repay the dedication of volunteers. Lapel pins are an attractive, but still cost-effective, volunteer appreciation gift that offers a sincere token of appreciation. Volunteers, in turn, tend to wear their lapel pins with pride, which has the shared benefit of increased visibility for your group.
  • Lapel pins as part of fundraising efforts. If your non-profit group plans to offer gift packages as part of a membership drive, a lapel pin can be an eye-catching gift all on its own, or be part of a larger gift package to donors.
  • Identification at conferences. Stand out in the crowd! At large conventions, wearing a lapel pin that identifies your non-profit organization can be an instant conversation starter with those you meet. If you are a non-profit with members across the United States, or even around the world, the use of a uniquely custom-designed lapel pin is an easy, low-cost way to recognize fellow members.

We have years of experience working with non-profits and charities to create quality custom metal products.Additionally, we are pleased to say that because of our discounts and high-quality work, non-profit organizations have ranked among our most valued client bases since our company was founded.

At the Monterey Company, we have long valued the dedication and service of nonprofit organizations. Our own involvement with the Marine Mammal Center, a nonprofit center dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of ill and injured marine mammals, has shown us firsthand the tenacity and hard work needed by charities and nonprofits to achieve their mission.

Ready to order? Step one is to contact us and we will provide you with a quote for discount lapel pins!  Request a Quote now.

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