Inside Page Featured Image - EpoxyThe official definition of epoxy? A thermosetting resin capable of forming tight cross-linked polymer structures characterized by toughness, strong adhesion, and low shrinkage, used especially in surface coatings and adhesives. Um… Right.

What it is, isn’t as important as what it does for your custom designed lapel pin, coin, or medallion. Epoxy gives your piece a smooth glass like coating that can be applied at varying thicknesses. It makes a coin or lapel pin durable, clean, smooth, protecting the color and metal from fading, scratching, and tarnishing.

We love it because whether its a super thin tight fitting layer, or piled on thick to create almost a dome over your custom designed lapel pin, coin or medallion, it always makes the design look GOOD. Really good!

Did you Know?
Florence Nightingale:

Back in the late 1800′s Florence Nightingale began the tradition of awarding pins of service to medical personnel, by being given The Red Cross of St. George for her selfless service during the war. She chose to turn this into a tradition and bestow lapel pins to graduating nurses at the Nightingale School of Nursing. All nurses graduating each year from their grueling coursework is given a nursing or medical pin to honor them as amazing individuals who commit to and make it through vigorous training required to becoming a nurse.

This tradition also extended to doctors and the earliest medical pins were said to be created by local fine jewelers. The designs, like they are today, are meant to depict school affiliation, year of graduation, and the motto of the school and program. Often too, the medical pin is a simple caduceus designed in various custom styles to denote a doctor. Although not all medical pins are about academic and professional acknowledgement. There have been occasions when medical peers will create medical pins with a bit of a humorous message.

All of these however, owe their existence to the one tireless worker who continues even today to inspire hundreds of thousands of nurses and doctors who care for the sick across the world.


Insights and Ideas!
Family Reunions:

One of the fun trends that we have been watching grow steadily over the years is the creation of commemorative gifts to give to each family member as a remembrance of a family reunion. Keychains, lapel pins, coins, and pendants are all durable and well thought out gifts that can be custom designed to fit the family personality and the occasion.

Families will always typically include the family name in the design, which can also include a family crest if there is one. Some families have chosen to create crests in order to symbolize their family. Typically, the year will also be included, and anything else that might bring to memory the location for this particular reunion and the theme if there is one.