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Inside Page Featured Image - Etched PinEtching is a process whereby a corrosive acid is used to corrode or burn a design onto the metal. A design is designated by an outline of wax and the acid then burns everything that isn’t covered in wax.

We use this method in our photo etched lapel pins, and it’s also quite popular in the creation of coins and medallions. This unique acid reaction process helps achieve finer detail then you would with a die struck pin and gives you the full range of color. It also leaves you with a lightweight product that is perfect for trading pins and giveaways.

Custom Photo Etched Soft Enamel lapel pins are great for obtaining impressively small detail and are the lightest in weight of all of the enameled pins we make. These custom lapel pins are created with a unique acid reaction process, instead of a die strike to fashion the cavities which will contain each color of the design. Finer detail is easier to achieve in the image and this custom lapel pin style will provide a lightweight alternative to die struck lapel pins, making them better for trading pins, promotions, and giveaways.

The creation of a custom Photo Etched Soft Enamel lapel pin is one of the unique processes known to the industry. Taking an image of your custom design, it is then transferred from a photographic negative onto the surface of the base metal. it is then etched into a brass base using an acid reaction process. Indentations left by the acids are then filled with enamel colors and then fired. When that is done, an epoxy coating is applied over the pin, creating a protective cover over the enamel color and the metal.

Did you Know?
Lapel Pins are first and foremost Emblematic Jewelry:

Ever wonder about some of the most expensive lapels pin or brooches are out there? Remember that beyond being great for marketing, lapel pins are first and foremost emblematic jewelry. That emblem can be either commercial or in the case below, all about status.

The Catherine the Great Emerald Brooch is a large emerald and diamond brooch worn by one of the world’s most powerful and allegedly ruthless female leaders ever to live, Catherine II of Russia.

She ascended to the throne in 1762 and her long reign marked a time of Russian expansion and success. She was also a noted jewelry collector with the resources to acquire the world’s best gems. This brooch was given to Sophie Dorothea, princess of Württemberg, as a wedding gift on the occasion of her marriage to Catherine’s son and successor Tsar Paul I in 1776. It has a hexagonal cut Colombian emerald estimated at between 60 and 70 carats. The stone is surrounded by rose and old mine-cut diamonds set in silver-topped gold. It was estimated to sell for $1 million to $1.5 million and most recently went for $1.65 million to a private Middle Eastern buyer.

Think about THAT the next time you decide to have us make you a lapel pin!


Insights and Ideas!

Silver is by far one of the most versatile, elegant and popular metals. It’s smooth, cool to the touch, with a light airy feel. Silver can be polished to a glass-like sheen or etched, textured to have an antique look or a gorgeous patina that gives it a sense of history. Silver is also perfect for a contrasting finish. As the base metal, it surrounds other metals like gold, brass or copper to create a luminous effect that tells a potent story on your custom lapel pin, medal or coin.

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