Monterey Company Saving The Seals

 A little about Paul Stark, President of The Monterey Comapny, Inc. In April 2010 Paul moved to Santa Barbara to be by the ocean and change the scenery.  He and his dog settled in quite well to the beach lifestyle and made quite a few new friends. It turns out that in an effort to make new friends, Paul’s dog kept sneaking next door to their neighbor’s house, lured by the distinctive and delicious scent on their neighbor’s shoes. Turns out that Paul’s neighbors were a volunteers at the Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center, sometimes their shoes would get a certain… seal smell to them.  After finding out about the center, Paul started volunteering and was amazed how beautiful these marine mammals are.

“I heard about the work the Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center was doing and I was surprised to hear about the injuries these seals had including mono-filament fishing line around their necks. I started to volunteer cleaning and feeding these marine mammals and went on a few releases and I was hooked. I currently spend my time volunteering by rescuing and releasing these critters and love it. ” ~Paul

Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center is best known for rescuing sea lions, fur seals, elephant seals, harbor seals as well as dolphins and whales.

About The Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center


The Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center, a nonprofit organization funded by private donations. SBMMC rescues and cares for sick and injured marine mammals along the Santa Barbara County coastline and is authorized to rescue marine mammals caught in fishing nets at the Channel Islands. About 80 to 90 percent of the animals rescued are returned to the wild, the highest success rate of any marine mammal care clinic.

The Southern California coast hosts a remarkable variety of marine mammals. About a third of the world’s species of whales and dolphins have been seen here, along with six species of seals and sea lions. Literally hundreds of thousands of these animals roam offshore. With such an abundance and diversity of marine mammals, it is no small wonder that some will become stranded on our shores. Since 1976, SBMMC has rescued and cared for such creatures. SBMMC takes in animals throughout Santa Barbara County, a stretch of over 100 miles. It is also authorized to rescue marine mammals caught in fishing nets at the Channel Islands.