A Sample Study With LegalFix PVC Patches

May 29, 2024

We had the absolute pleasure to work with LegalFix, a free legal information site for people and small businesses, with nearly 1,600 legal topics explained and short articles on everyday legal issues published every week. They approached us about working on some custom PVC patches, and we were more than happy to help.

Design Highlights

Solid Simple Colors

To start with, their design has no soft color gradients to speak of. From a first look, we knew we could repurpose this design for any kind of patch from rubber to leather to embroidered and more. It always excites us when we know whichever patch a client goes for, we can make it happen!

Rounded Edges

The design doesn’t have extremely sharp or overly detailed edges. We didn’t have to sacrifice any detail for the PVC patch because they made their design sit well within a border that could be cut out easily.

Solid Base

Because the Client wanted to work with PVC patches, they made sure to approach us with a design that had a dark base. It’s not a totally black base either! They used a dark navy color that brings their whole design together, and also allowed us to use that color as the extra details inside of the design without having any brazen color differences.

The Design Proof

We were able to quickly construct a PVC patch that prioritized LegalFix’s design. Because the elephant on their logo has stripes on the jacket, we decided to make the base turn into those stripes instead. It gives the PVC patch texture without having to make the lines wider or remove some of them. Because the design is so similar in length and width, we knew we would have enough space for all of the details LegalFix wanted on their patch.

The Final Result!

2D pvc patch for legaffix