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Olympians really know how to sport their custom medals.

It’s here. We wait and we wait and then finally the Olympic games come back around. This Summer Olympics will be held in London.

Cities bid to host the Olympics. The city must have proper accommodations, security, transportation etc. It gets approved by the IOC (International Olympic committee) executive board and they are considered candidates. In the second part, an evaluation committee goes to the city and writes a report. The IOC votes on choosing the site for the specified Olympics.

When the UK committee went to Singapore in 2005 to place a bid for the 2012 Olympic Games, they took with them the vision to use the power of the gams to inspire lasting change in the world.

The vision they took was one that should call attention to everyone in the world, and this year, the message will be sent out. The London delegation had this to say in 2005 about their vision:


Today, London is ready to join you in facing a new challenge. And to provide another enduring sporting legacy.
Today’s challenge is tough. It’s more complex.
We can no longer take it for granted that young people will choose sport.
Some may lack the facilities. Or the coaches and role models to teach them.
Others, in an age of 24-hour entertainment and instant fame, may simply lack the desire.
We are determined that a London Games will address that challenge.
So London’s vision is to reach young people all around the world. To connect them with the inspirational power of the Games. So they are inspired to choose sport.

Along with the sharing of their vision, London proposed and built an Olympic stadium and city center that only house 9 unique sports centers but housing for the competing athletes… all quarters have a view of the Olympic flame. Inspiration abounds.
As the world gets ready to watch, and the medals begin to get hung on the necks of winners from all over the world, we think that everyone watching will be inspired to strive for more, invest in sports and come together in the spirit of the Olympics.

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