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Emblem ManufactureAlthough it may seem difficult, conveying your company personality could simply be a matter of custom lapel pins.

Conveying your brand and company personality to the world at large in a consistent and elegant manner takes a bit of work.  The key, of course, is to finesse this in such a way as to not go overboard or come across as overt, but simply creating a culture that supports all transactions and communication points with the customer or client.

To this end creating custom emblems that represent the company brand has become critical for a multitude of purposes.  Some such purposes are yearly appreciation gifts for clients, years of service pins for employees, emblems that go on the actual product the company sells to brand it outright, and much much more.

Picking a manufacturer can be tricky as there are many companies out there doing this type of work.  How do you identify the one that is worth your time and money?  Well, first make sure they provide the following:

1.  Custom work.  Not only is it critical that your emblem manufacturer does custom work, but also provide a highly qualified and creative design team that will work with you in creating just the right piece.  If the company doesn’t produce custom work, then the reality is that someone else out there has the same exact design you do.  This utterly defeats the purpose and speaks volumes to your clientele.

2.  Free initial consultation.  It’s important that you have the time to really have a detailed conversation about what you are looking for and also get questions answered about the process, whats available and what level of cost an emblem manufacturer offers.  This conversation may or may not lead into an actual quote, which should also be free.

3.  Custom emblem manufacturer is aware of and takes steps to avoid lead content in products.  The leading style and method of creating customizable emblems have not only been used for over a hundred years but also contains a very high level of lead.  This style of design is called Cloisonne.  Cutting edge and conscious emblem manufacturers use a new method called Classic New Enamel.

4.  Ranking on a search engine.  Do a search for “emblem manufacturer”.  Then take a look at the top 5 to 10 companies that come up on the page. This in no way guarantees the highest quality, but it does say a little something about the perceived authority on the topic that the emblem manufacturer has.  It gives you a good place to start looking from.

5.  Provides sample proofs to look at prior to final delivery.  The truth is that any company not offering this should be immediately scratched off a search list.  This has no become common practice as it should be.  A manufacturer worth its salt will want to make sure that the product has come out according to what the customer and the designer have agreed upon.  This allows the customer (you) to look it over, check for any spelling errors, color confusion, etc to be caught before the final fun of the entire order takes place.  Catching an error at this step of the process saves everyone quite a lot of time and money.

This really is a very cursory list of what to look for.  In the end, a company that is willing to answer whatever questions you have, in your time, to make sure you feel satisfied is the manufacturer worthy of being considered for the job.  You want to also be sure to look over previous customer testimonials and a portfolio of work to see what other emblems manufactured looked like.  From there, your gut should tell you if its a company worth your business.

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