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monterey-company-custom-race-medals-logoThis is a continuation of a series of posts detailing the finer points of branding your company, why its necessary and how the products created by The Monterey Company can serve you in building a thriving business with a recognizable identity.

A few weeks back in The Importance of Mission part 2 post, we discussed the mission and motto by which The Monterey Company guides itself. These are the guiding principles of everything the company does and how it approaches the production, design, and selling of emblematic jewelry.

Mission and Purpose

We have discussed before that a mission statement might not ever make mention of what exactly it is that the company does. Rather, the mission is what it strives to accomplish. In the case of The Monterey Company, its mission is to recognize and inspire positive contributions to business, community, and the world.

This simple and concise sentence is easy to remember and becomes the mantra of the entire company as it goes about doing what it does best. But what about the how How does a company go about accomplishing its mission statement. What guidance is available to each member of a company as it goes about its business in a cohesive and aligned culture.

Company Values

This is where a set of company-wide values comes in. The chosen values of a company set the path on which the company moves towards its mission. They become the guiding principles from which to create the work of the company. Because they are stated and communicated to the company as a whole, it forms the company culture in such a way that everything each individual worker does is permeated with its values. The values are also what begins to flesh out the personality of the company and the brand.

What are The Monterey Company’s Values?

The Monterey Company reveals quite a bit about itself in its values. They are shared below, and we encourage you to share yours in our comments section.

1. Intuitive Customer Service: Our primary focus is always upon our customers. We also recognize that we are all each other’s customers. We strive to provide superior and intuitive customer service to our clients and our colleagues. We do everything in our power to make everyone’s experience a pleasant one. We recognize coworkers and business partners when they go above and beyond the call of duty.

2. Differentiate Ourselves on Design, Value, and Quality: The designs we produce are detailed, impressive and address every detail of our customer’s requests.  We provide the best price that we can and provide a quality product that we can stand behind every time.

3. Empowered Innovation: We encourage innovation. We believe we should always be looking for ways to improve in every aspect of the way we do business.

4. Determined, Sustainable Growth: We recognize that we all have an effect on, and benefit from a healthy bottom line. The expectation is that we support systems that promote sustained and profitable growth of the company.

5. Philanthropic Partnering: We identify opportunities to partner with and be a positive influence on the community.

6. Keep It Fun: Contributes to maintaining a positive and fun work environment.

7. Customer Service First, No Excuses: We put the customer ahead of everything else.

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