Pins and patches accentuate the power of your tag-line or motto.

This is a continuation in a series of posts detailing the finer points of branding your company, why its necessary and how the products created by the Monterey Company can serve you in building a thriving business with a recognizable identity.

Marks of a Good Mission Statement

A company?s mission statement should be short and concise. Typically, it will be one to four sentences long and easily remembered. Memorization of the company?s mission statement is important, as it is the foundation from which the employees of the company will perform their duties.

Each time there is a point of contact with a client, or a procedure followed through on, the mission statement will be at play, driving the intention behind each action. For this reason, a tag-line or motto is incredibly effective. A motto is the coalesced version of the company mission statement. Whittled down to a few words, a motto is the mantra of the company and tag-line that will follow its name whenever there is print media or website design involved.

The Motto

The Monterey Company?s motto is ?Dedicated To Excellence.? Not only are those words at the heart of the mission statement and everything else that The Monterey Company does, but its also on the website, the emblematic coin for the company, the stationary and the lapel pins given out to employees and customers. The message permeates the company in every way and it is a message that is not only meant for the employees that make up the company, but for each customer that comes into contact with The Monterey Company as well.

A short and concise motto such as that of The Monterey Company, are perfect for integrating in the design of a lapel pins to be worn by all employees, or lapel pins that are used as gifts for customers. The more consistently the message is seen and heard, the stronger the company brand will be.

These types of placements for the company motto serve to make the company identity a memorable one, and it also becomes a constant renewal to the commitment towards the mission statement. A company that is clear about its purpose and intention, is a company that will perform well and meet the needs of its customers in a professional and successfully consistent manner.