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Over the next few months, Monterey Company will be featuring a series of articles on the finer points of branding your company, why it’s necessary and how the products created by the Monterey company can serve you in building a thriving business with a recognizable identity. We will also be taking you on a bit of an inside journey into Monterey’s own brand and what makes it such a unique company to work with.

Branding, the business buzz word of the last decade, is loosely defined as the mission and personality of a company or business and how it is communicated to the public. Whether or not the creators of a business sit down to consciously formulate the brand of a company, it exists in how a company is perceived by the world. The success of a company strongly depends on the careful and intended creation of the brand along with how it defines what the company does, why it does it and how it will deliver.

Customers will experience your brand in numerous ways, and its essential to not mistake brand as the mere physical product you sell. Your company’s brand is its reputation, promise, and image to the world. And this is conveyed by the mission statement, the logo and consistent color themes, the culture that is created and consistently carried out by everyone in your company, the quality of your merchandise and service, stationery, packaging, and tagline, just to name a few.

First and foremost at the foundation of every good brand is the company’s mission.What is the intention behind the business? What is it going to do?How is it going to deliver its product or service to the world? How will it stand apart from all the other businesses that do the same or similar work?What are the values of the company?

A mission statement is an intent, ideal and promise. It’s important to keep that in mind when creating one. And keeping it concise and simple will also facilitate each and every employee in memorizing it, as this is the foundation from which they will perform from. A great example of a mission statement is from Hershey’s Chocolate, one of Monterey Company’s clients:

Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day.

This is the umbrella under which all the values of Hershey’s company sits, but it is broad enough that it leaves room for growth. Another example is Monterey’s own mission:

Dedicated to excellence.

Neither statement gives reference to the specifics of their individual product, but both give a good feel for what the company’s collective mindset is. And this is what is important about such a statement. It not only conveys to the public what they can expect and get from a company, but it also brings every single employee into alignment with the aim of the company, thus making it stronger. And of course, this is the foundation for the brand.

Please check back next week when we discuss how the mission statement and the values that support it provide a solid Brand.

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