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Defining the values that build a company requires a splash of creativity and a whole lot of personality.

Over the next few months, Monterey Company will be featuring a series of articles on the finer points of branding your company, why its necessary and how the products created by the Monterey company can serve you in building a thriving business with a recognizable identity. We will also be taking you on a bit of an inside journey into Monterey’s own brand and what makes it such a unique company to work with.

Last week, we discussed the importance of mission to a company’s brand. A mission statement that speaks to the drive, ideal and promise of a company is the umbrella under which the companies values exist. Where the mission statement defines the direction and intent of the business, the values give information on how that intent and promise will be carried out.

A set of values is really where the personality of the company begins to take shape. Where one company’s value is to deliver cost-effective prices, another’s can be quality above all else. Neither is better than the other, but each serves to define how that business will go about performing their mission. It really doesn’t matter so much what other company’s values are in your marketplace, it’s about what is important to the company, to the creators of that company.

The values held by a company are best outlined at the onset of the business, but again, evolution happens, and as your company grows, manifesting that growth through revisiting and refocusing intention and values is just as potent to the advancement of your company. So you really want to ask yourself, ‘What is this company about?  What does it stand for?  What is important to us in dealing with others? What one thing is important above all others in our work?

Creativity is also key here. Remember this is about personality as well. So if you, as creator of a company, are really inspired by the advancement of technology, but your business happens to be selling tomatoes at corner markets, which on the surface sounds like a low tech business, there is no reason one of your values couldn’t be: To keep up with the latest technological advances.  Imagine how the pairing of this value with the business of selling tomatoes could open you up to new and innovative ways to run your business.

Please stay tuned! Next week we will be sharing Monterey Company’s values and how they shape the way we approach our business.

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