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Custom head badges add individuality to any bike.

The League of American Bicyclists has designated the month of May to be the National Bike Month. The mission is to promote bicycling for fun, fitness, transportation and work through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America. There will be events held all month long that will take place all over the country. The week of May 17-21 is Bike To Work Week and everyone is encouraged to ride a bicycle to work. Workplaces are starting to become aware of the branding possibilities by giving workers custom company head badges to attach to their bicycles.

Biking not only helps improve the health of America but also helps prevent adding to the pollution problem we have due to so much vehicle use. It doesn’t feel as if its a coincidence that Bike Month is also National Physical Fitness Month, although I couldn’t find any references connecting the two.

Over the last decade, bicycling has grown immensely in popularity. More and more people are going out to buy bikes and ride for leisure as well as for transportation. This is a wonderful trend. People join groups and bicycle clubs to road bike, take mountain biking expeditions and many also compete in local races. These groups have created some amazing custom head badges for their groups to proudly wear on their bicycles to symbolize their brand.

The Monterey Company had the pleasure of working with a local bike maker called Siren Bicycles. As they will put it, “We merge custom frame building techniques with cutting-edge technology to bring the customer the finest riding machines possible.” The company produces custom hand built steel and aluminum bicycles right here in the alpine village of Idyllwild, California. Their frames, which are both elegant and powerful are coveted by hobbyists and racers alike all over the country. We are both proud and honored to have worked with this innovative company to provide custom head badges for their hand-built bikes.

The badge sports their gorgeous Siren logo. Custom metal head badges are a great way to add value and personality to your bicycle frame. Badges can be created by groups and bike shops to add brand and group identity. Many individual bikers also opt to create head badges for their bikes that convey the spirit of why they ride.

For more information on events going on this month, visit your local bike shop. Buy a bike. And then Ride it home, call The Monterey Company and design your very own custom head badge.

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