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You may use them to carry keys, but custom lanyard keychains are the perfect way to hold a camera.

Lanyards, even though they have been around for years, are fast becoming the photographer’s new best friend. With all of the custom options that are now available, they have become a useful tool while on the job. Designing custom made lanyards with a variety of hooks to hang lens caps from is becoming an amazing support for photographers in need of organization and efficiency.

Because of the variety and versatility of lanyards, lens cap lanyards can be made in any width and with a variety of materials. Colors and designs can be implemented into the custom lanyard keychain to add a flare to the photographer’s ensemble.

A lens cap lanyard is made for each lens that would be attached to each lens cap. Then the photographer chooses from a variety of hooks, each attaching the lens cap to the hook in a different way. Each one of these hooks is just as good as the next, so it is really a personal preference. Next, sturdy adhesives, holes, and grips are used to connect the lens cap to the lanyard. Thin lanyards seem to work best as they create very little bulk in the camera bag and are easy to keep separate from the camera strap.

These lanyards can be adapted for many uses and can be customized in a variety of ways. Photography clubs, classes, and camera shops have begun to pick up on the usefulness of custom lens cap lanyards in the world of photography. They are so great because each photographer can design them to their specific preferences and style. Some even go so far as to create different colored lanyards for different lenses as a way of keeping their camera bag neat and organized. Custom lanyard keychains are a simple yet efficient tool with far-reaching benefits that make the life of a photographer so much easier! Want to design one of your own?

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