We love Custom Lanyards!

A couple of years ago  I stumbled upon a flurry of status posts flooding the Twitter-verse about a massive group of people wandering around downtown Chicago wearing bright lanyards with Flash Point Pens hanging from them.

The status posts read like a series of questions.  Who were they?  Where were they from?  Why so many?  How could people get their hands on lanyards with USB Flash Point Pens?  Imagine this unsuspecting group of what was likely a conference crowd causing such a ruckus on Twitter, all because of the lanyard with flash point pens they had hanging around their necks.

Things have changed drastically since then, and most of us are much more Twitter and social media savvy than we were in those days.  Things like hashtags (#), trending and tweet chats have taken over our culture and those who use these tools wisely leverage that knowledge into mass recognition and brand boosting.

Rather than just embellishing lanyards with your company’s logo, more and more, clients are using that ‘real estate’ to print add what hashtag they are encouraging the wearers to use when tweeting about that particular event, convention or company.  A well placed and easy to remember hashtag along with the company’s Twitter handle tells the wearer exactly what they need to do and makes them ambassadors for your company, both by wearing the lanyard with your logo on it, but also on a massive social media platform.

More and more these simple additions to any piece of emblematic jewelry or promotional product take the marketing effectiveness to a higher level.  Think about that the next time you order lanyards!