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If you love the Earth, I suggest buying a custom eco-friendly lanyard made out of bamboo or corn.

Few people outside of the industry understand the amount of work and detail that goes into putting together a convention, especially if it is a large one.  Countless items, people, equipment, and hours of preparation go into make sure that each presenter and visitor is getting there and takes away an experience that is expansive for everyone involved.  As we all know, the downside to such an event is loads of paper, plastic, and metal materials that, in the end, go right back into the trash.  Some may be recyclable, but much of it isn’t.

In the last few years, one of the things that have gone wonderfully earth friendly is the customized lanyard. You know the lanyard well, don’t you?  That nifty nylon petrol based lace that goes around your neck and holds a plastic pouch that can hold your ID or a pen, or any number of other things.

Imagine putting together your next convention and knowing that in some way you’ll be contributing LESS to the issues of pollutions and landfills in the world.  It’s nice, isn’t it?  Really it just comes down to responsibility and high-quality design.  Oh?  Did you think you would have to skimp on quality?  No, no, my friend! In all ways, these customized lanyards are better.

We recommend using either of two eco-friendly lanyard options that are wonderful.

1.  Corn Fiber Lanyards.  The technology to manufacture these is still under development so that these only come in white, however, they can be printed on with any color and are bio-degradable.

2.  Bamboo Lanyards.  These are the softest lanyards made.  Really… you want to touch them al the time!  Bamboo is a great natural fiber that comes from one of the fastest growing renewable plants in the world. The texture of these customized lanyards is similar to cotton and comes in all colors, able to take any embellishment you want to add to it.

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