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Lanyards are easy to sell, easy to wear, and now they are easy to custom design!

There is only speculation on the origins of the Lanyard as we know it now in the marketing world.  The word has long been used to describe rope or line used on sailboats and ships that are used to tie things down. So, it follows that the lanyards we use in marketing are to hold things, whether around our necks, wrists or hooked onto pockets.

In the military lanyards were originally used to connect a gun, sword or whistle to a uniform on a semi-permanent basis. Lanyards were used in situations where there was a good chance of otherwise losing the object – commonly by cavalry and naval officers at sea. Even up to this very day the lanyard plays a deep-seated role in the traditions of military uniforms, and many regiments often have their own colored lanyards that are worn with pride.

The truth is that tying something to one’s body in order to keep it handy, secure and safe from misplacement is a necessity that has been around forever. What we have today in our present-day incarnation of the lanyard is part of the continuous evolution in its uses. Not only do we use our lanyards today to keep things handy and safe from loss, but also as a marketing tool, identifiers in a crowd that signal to the general observer one’s affiliation and personality.

Today lanyards can come in plain, printed or woven fabrics in any width desired and in unlimited color variations. The attachments at the end such as adjustable beads, badge clips, carabiner hooks, metal clips, mobile string, oval-shaped hooks, safety buckles, split rings and thumb shaped hooks give the designer unlimited options as to what to hang from them.

In this day and age, lanyards are being used prolifically for ID badges, Smart Cards, USB flash drives, glasses, pens, phones, keys, MP3 players, lockets, toys, flashlights, compasses, whistles, and still, in some cases guns. Trends change, but with the ability to customize the lanyard itself, they are increasingly fashionable and add quite a splash to the wearer. So where its very common to see people in hospitals, schools, social service agencies, public events, trade shows and prisons use lanyards, we are also seeing social groups, corporations, and individuals using lanyards for their personal everyday use.

Monterey Company is excited about the ever-changing uses for lanyards. Already in the last two decades, we have all seen a massive proliferation of digital devices and that is evident in how lanyards serve to keep them close at hand. We wonder what new uses will turn up in the future and would love to hear your thoughts on where lanyard use is going. Drop us a comment and share your ideas!

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