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Why carry your camera equipment by hand when you can carry it with a hand-crafted custom lanyard?

Photographers are infamous for their gear. Lots of it! A camera, sometimes two, lenses, filters, bags, lighting gear and tripods and so much more. Keeping track of it all can take skill, especially when talking about something as small and light as a lens cap.

Putting a lens cap on, then taking it off and putting it back on again, is a cycle that every photographer goes through incessantly, whether on a professional photo shoot or taking leisurely snaps shots on a trip. The problem with this is that often times a lens cap gets shoved into a pocket or the camera bag, and sometimes even between teeth! This is inconvenient and awkward and makes finding the lens cap again a bit of a challenge with a photographer is on the move.

Custom designed lanyards with a variety of hooks to hang lens caps from are becoming an amazing support for photographers in need of organization and efficiency when dealing with lens caps. Because of the variety and versatility of lanyards, they can be made in any width, using a variety of material, using color and designs that can add flair to a photographers ensemble.

A lanyard for each lens is made that would then be attached to each lens cap. There are a variety of hooks to be chosen from and it’s really a personal choice as to how to attach the lens cap to the hook. Sturdy adhesives, holes, and grips can be used to connect lens cap to a lanyard. Thin lanyards seem to work best as they create very little bulk in a camera bag and are easy to keep separate from the camera strap.

Simply pull out the camera, place both the camera strap and the lanyard around your neck and when the lens cap comes off, it dangles around your neck and out of the way. The efficiency can’t be beaten and keeps lens caps safe from loss.

Photographic clubs, classes, and camera shops have begun to pick up on the usefulness of lanyards to photography and the design options are endless. Some actually create different colored lanyards for different lenses to keep their camera bag better organized! It’s a simple tool, with far-reaching benefits that all photographers can get behind.

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