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custom rubber luggage tags

Travel a lot? Never lose your suitcase again with custom PVC luggage tags.

Manufacturers have understood and long held the market for creating things like luggage tags, zipper pulls, and magnets out of PVC rubber. The versatility of this material makes it a durable and highly designable resource for making what is fast becoming an identity piece – the PVC luggage tag.

Custom PVC rubber is lightweight and flexible.  Each luggage tag is custom molded and made of PV, a vinyl polymer. Color and shapes are unlimited in variety and they are durable which makes them popular. Specially made PVC luggage tags are great gifts that companies are beginning to give out at holidays and also as a token of appreciation for staff.

Rarely do people expect this gift, but imagine a stylish PVC luggage tag, in a custom color and design that not only looks great on your luggage but also helps in finding your suitcase at baggage claim!  No more colored tape. Imagine attending your next company holiday party and being given custom-made luggage tags that add luxury and personalization to your travel gear?  Now that’s creative… and useful!

PVC Luggage Tags are an excellent way to promote your company as you travel. The Monterey Company provides a luggage tag with a back that contains the standard slip-in identification card or holds a standard business card. A vinyl strap is included for attaching to your luggage or other items.

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