Turkitten is settling in quite well at The Monterey Company.

Monterey Company’s latest addition, Turkitten, has been settling in well.  In preparation for the upcoming changes at Monterey Company, division of labor has occurred.  Turkitten has decided to be the ‘boss’, and has designated Paloma to handle the micro blogging and play to her great social skills.  Turkitten has also been kind enough to not only oversee the Mascot division’s responsibilities, but also doubling as Rachael Gollub’s seat warmer when she is away from her desk. Such a great cat!

Meanwhile, Paul Stark is learning quite a bit about life through our furry mascots, stating, “The difference between cats and dogs is that if I were 4 inches tall, and told a dog to sit, she would do so.  But if I told the cat to sit, it would look at me for a minute and then proceed to play with me until I was almost dead.”

Now that is a Paul Starkism!