Custom lanyards are being used with everything from toys to guns.

Custom made lanyards can come in plain, printed, or woven fabrics in any width desired and in an unlimited variety of colors.  The attachments at the end such as adjustable beads, badge clips, carabiner hooks, metal clips, mobile string, oval-shaped hooks, safety buckles, split rings, and thumb shaped hooks give the designer unlimited options as to what to hang from them.

The Monterey Company makes hundreds of thousands of lanyards each year and the versatility of this great piece of emblematic jewelry just keeps growing and growing.  Lanyards are being used for ID badges, Smart Cards, USB flash drives, glasses, pens, phones, keys, MP3 players, lockets, toys, flashlights, compasses, whistles, and still, in some cases guns.  Trends change, but with the ability to customize the lanyard itself, they are increasingly fashionable and add quite a splash to the wearer.  So where its very common to see people in hospitals, schools, social service agencies, public events, trade shows and prisons use lanyards, we are also seeing social groups, corporations, and individuals using lanyards for their personal everyday use.

The biggest use these days seems to be in using lanyards to hang digital devices from.  As seen in the above list there are several items that fit that description and we predict that list will get bigger.  Another great use that is getting more and more popular is the lanyard as the must-have addition to a photographer’s gear.  Have you ever struggled with where to put the lens cap when you are out taking pictures?

Yes!  Custom designing lanyards with a variety of hooks to hang lens caps from are becoming an amazing support option for photographers in need of organization and efficiency when dealing with lens caps.  Because of the variety and versatility of lanyards, they can be made in any width, using a variety of material, using color and designs that can add flair to a photographers ensemble.  This is true of whatever it is you intend on hanging from your lanyard.