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This gift list for the holiday season is pretty metal. In fact, it begins with custom lapel pins.

The holiday season rings in a plethora of company parties that range from the massive and elaborate to the most intimate. Whatever the size the truth is they are quite fun and have become part of the celebratory culture in the Western world. Gifts go along with this and most often what happens is the company or small business uses this opportunity to give items that not only recognize jobs well done for that year but also continue to cultivate the company culture by sharing items that hold the company logo or emblem.

As the party season is quickly approaching, now is the time to design and order gifts for these events. Each year The Monterey Company helps countless business design great elegant gifts that are cost-effective, long lasting and memorable. Here is our list of the top 5 corporate gifts to have made for these occasions.

1.  Lapel Pins ~ This is by far the top gift ordered from The Monterey Company each year. Classic, endless design possibilities, small and able to be worn by both men and women with any outfit, particularly after the festivities are over, while at work. by both men and women with any outfit, particularly after the festivities are over, while at work.

2.  Key Chains ~ Always a fun gift, particular if its personalized or is designed with a company identifying motto that also conveys the spirit of camaraderie between workers. And like Lapel Pins its also a unisex gift item which makes things easier when taking care of all gift recipients.

3.  Coins ~ Coins are commemorative, collectible and bring with them the sense of a time-honored tradition, that first began in the military. Coins are wonderful for promotions, for marking another year of employment to a company, and of course another round of holidays and a new year. Coins are a great way to start a trading culture in the workforce.

4. Pendants ~  These tend to be female specific, but in all honesty, design creativity can make a pendant for just about anything, a chain, a bracelet, a bookmark, a cell phone charm. It’s small, unique in that its custom made to represent some aspect of your company culture and they are timeless.

5. Geocoins ~ This is the newest of items being made and given as gifts. Smaller more active companies tend to order these. The geocaching community is growing by leaps and bounds and caring for caches as a business and then providing customized coins that hold the name and emblem or motto of the company is a great way to spread the company love. It’s also a great gift to give to geocaching employees so they may leave their coins in different parts of the world.

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