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Complete your film festival fashion with custom lanyards.

Film festivals happen all over the world every month of the year. Industry insiders and those wanting to get in attend devotedly, knowing that they will get a chance to see independent, first run and foreign movies that would otherwise not get seen in the massive commercial market. Writers, directors, actors, and producers come together to share their art, discuss the filmmaking process and learn from those that have come before them.

Usually, week-long events, attendees purchase passes for the entire week that enables them to get into all screenings and events. Of course, the best way to pass out these passes is by giving attendees lanyards with laminated passes hanging from them.

From the beginning, lanyards used were simple nondescript nylon rope with the link dangling from the end. But things are changing and taking a creative turn that has us all excited.

Being that lanyards can be made of any material and any type of weaving, designers and organizers are beginning to add some creativity to their lanyards. After all, this is a festival celebrating an art form. It would follow that there would be a creative flare in all the details of the event, particularly on the one thing that everyone will have on and display throughout the event.

There have been lanyards made that were about 1/2 inch in width, with a film real pattern imprinted on them. The same idea has been used in stamping a production house logo onto the lanyard, or the logo of the festival itself. Famous movie quotes have been embroidered along the length of lanyards. The possibilities are truly endless, but we are excited to see what begins to come up as the notion of designing dynamic lanyards for film festival attendees continues to take off into a powerful trend.

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