Priceless marketing is all in the image. Get in on this lanyard fashion trend while it’s still hot and gain customers.

Branding and great business practices are something that we love here at The Monterey Company. When done well and consciously, it speaks to the success and integrity of a company, which is something we not only strive for in everything we do but something we admire and learn from in other businesses as well.

A trend that has been catching our eye of late is the use of lanyards for pens. It’s a simple design that has been around for quite a while but has begun to become sophisticated and moving towards a creative functional branding tool.

Color, logos, fonts, and taglines are the tools of a great branding. And it’s not just the design of your company’s brand, but the consistency of how it shows up in every aspect of your business.  Lanyards woven in a company’s colors, with logo and tagline represent the business and create a clear and recognizable identifier. It’s one of the reasons lanyards are so often used.

Of late, well designed durable nylon lanyards have been paired with hanging pens. Pens that sport the same color and font as the lanyards used are popular, particularly in a business where having a pen handing is imperative. Hospitals, health facilities, schools and social service agencies are places where having a pen handy to sign off on items, or document notes constantly is a necessity for performing the work.

These workers make their way through town, and coffee houses to get to work, showing a uniformed emblem of the company as they do. This creates a strong and familiar presence in the community and supports the business’s brand in a manner that surpasses paid for advertising.  The company has a human face in the community on a daily basis. This is priceless marketing.

The usefulness of lanyards with pens on them is also important in this trend. Workers needing pens for their daily tasks will never have to go searching for a pen, and a company can control a number of pens it has to purchase on a regular basis due to pen loss. But more importantly than all that, the pens purchased for the lanyards can be carefully chosen and designed.

High-quality pens that are engraved or printed on, with a matching color scheme to the lanyard and the company’s brand is an attention to detail that speaks volumes to the employee and the client, bringing everyone into the identity of the business. It is also a considerate manner in which to gift employees with a small but sophisticated token that supports their work.

Now that’s a trend we can all get behind!