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Beautiful National Parks deserve beautiful mementos such as custom coins, pins and more!

National Park Gift Shop Coins

The most collectible mementos at national parks are lapel pins.  Usually depicting either the mascot or an identifiable scene from the park itself, these pins get collected and traded the world over by hikers, campers, supporters and lover of the great outdoors.

The beauty of such collectibles is that over the years they have expanded to include spoons, coins, geocoins, national park gift shop coins, hiking stick or walking stick medallions, sometimes with the hiking stick already attached!  All of these, of course, serve to not only raise funds for our national parks, but also to educate others of their existence, and raise another generation of carrying stewards of this land.

Visitors will always want a souvenir and one that is collectible is even better!  This is why many National Parks are getting on board and adding these custom coins to their gift shops, even having students enter contests to see who can come up with the best design.

Of course, contests aren’t necessary, but it does get the community involved and it’s a great thing to do with nearby schools as a way to further education.  Once the ideas are ready, a call to one of our designers will then get the ball rolling in refining that design and creating something that will ultimately be a breathtaking work of art that will convey the beauty and majesty for the national park it represents.

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