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cufflinksCufflinks can add a little style and sophistication to just about any wardrobe. But where did they come from and how are they used today?

The history of the cufflink

Although cufflinks were used as far back as the 1600s, they became a staple of a man’s wardrobe near the end of the 18th century. At that time, they were used to show a man’s status in society and were, in fact, one of the few acceptable pieces of jewelry for a man to wear. Arguably, it was the publishing of the famous book, “The Count of Monte Cristo’’ written by the legendary Alexander Dumas, which catapulted cufflinks to wider fame. The protagonist was described as wearing cufflinks as a symbol of his wealth.

When are you supposed to wear cufflinks?

The most common place to wear cufflinks is with a tuxedo for black tie events. In fact, tuxedo shirts actually require cufflinks. Many men choose to wear them with less formal suits as well. Cufflinks can actually be seen in more everyday business attire. They are an easy way to subtly change up the look of an otherwise boring suit. Cufflinks can also be coordinated to match ties, bowties, and pocket squares. In the fashion world, detail makes all the difference. Every detail used in your outfit is a message, a way of showing your uniqueness.

Personalized custom cufflinks

Now comes the fun part! With personalized cufflinks, you can show off a favorite hobby, organizational affiliation, or even a fandom, right on your wrists. They may look small, but they sure make a huge difference if worn correctly.

Cufflinks make an excellent gift idea!

Have you run out of ideas for a gift? Designing unique and fully personalized cufflinks is always a great idea. Dad, husband, son, groomsmen, boss, or co-worker? The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalized designs. You can choose from classic monograms to something more whimsical, depending on the recipient and the occasion. Monterey Company can help you create the perfect cufflinks to meet your particular needs!

Put your company logo on a cufflink

Custom cufflinks with company logos are used as a form of branding and advertising. They are the perfect way to increase your company’s awareness in a fashionable manner. Just imagine your company logo, name or its slogan can be implemented in personalized cufflinks, made by any kind of material, colors, shape you like and the quantity you need.
You can even add more elegant details to your outfit or your company promotional events when you can use custom Tie Clips and Tie Tacks. You can design the perfect tie clip or tie tacks for your company’s needs to increase your branding even further.

Learn more about how to create personalized cufflinks and how we use the best artists and designers to produce whatever you can dream up.

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