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metro guy with cufflinksThese small accessories are very special and, despite their size, they are one of the few accessories for men capable of making a big difference. Cufflinks can convey your personality and send a message about something with which you identify.

When to use cufflinks?

Few men choose to wear cufflinks in their daily lives and, perhaps for that reason, on special occasions when they are worn, they usually draw special attention. Cufflinks can be conversation starters, used to add a little whimsy to an otherwise boring outfit, or just used to tie an outfit together. Most commonly, cufflinks are worn with tuxedos at black-tie events. They can be used with business attire or even in casual wear, though.

The shirt: which one do I choose?

To be able to use cufflinks on a shirt it needs to be a double cuff or a French cuff. On the flaps of the cuffs, they must have eyelets, four per sleeve in total. If you decide to wear cufflinks, remember the sleeves of the shirt should stand out from those of the jacket. The difference should be just over a centimeter apart, which means that the cufflinks will remain hidden when you are standing but make an appearance when you move your arms. As for the color of the shirt, white is a safe bet, although a light blue hue or thin stripes can be a great choice as well. If we choose to wear a bold color, think about how it will coordinate with your cufflinks.

And if I wear cufflinks, do I need to wear a tie?

If we stick to the strictest fashion protocols, the answer would probably be yes. However, on more informal occasions when it is not necessary to dress according to certain rules, it is time to be creative and let yourself go. In any case, if you decide to wear a tie, the safe option is to choose cufflinks that match it. They don’t necessarily need to be exactly the same color; you can play with the shades, for example. The set will undoubtedly be a lesson in style. And have you considered a bow tie? With a successful combination between both elements, you can get a distinguished look while remaining elegant. Do you dare?

How do you put on cufflinks?

Although they usually have a simple mechanism, if you are not used to it, it may be a bit difficult for you to attach cufflinks on your own. If you have no one to help you, an option for beginners would be to place them on the shirt before putting it on. However, we recommend avoiding it because, if you do so, the cuffs will not be fully adjusted and, therefore, the accessory will not be perfect. Try it! With patience, you will eventually figure it out. Let the Monterey Company create custom cufflinks that best represent your brand.

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