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Cufflinks are a small piece of jewelry that first made their way into men’s wardrobes during the 18th century. They have remained a fashion staple since that time. Cufflinks can now even be used as a promotional item for a company brand! Let’s take a closer look at these small but powerful accessories.

Where can you commonly wear cufflinks?

Most people only wear cufflinks with a tuxedo and a black tie, to the most high-class events. But, there are many other occasions where cufflinks can be worn to make a fashion statement. Cufflinks can be used to turn an otherwise boring business suit into something more stylish and personal. It may be time to reconsider your perceptions as this jewelry style is customizable in endless ways.

Why choose cufflinks as an accessory?

Every detail used in your outfit is used to send a message and as a way of showing your uniqueness. Even though you may not wear funny, quirky, or animated cufflinks to your most formal events, there are lots of places where it’s fully appropriate to express your creativity. You can easily add more color and whimsy to your outfit with a set of custom cufflinks.

How do you create a personalized cufflink?

There are plenty of ways you can customize cufflinks by using your imagination. If you’re not up to creating something on your own, try contacting a professional, like the Monterey Company, to create unique emblematic jewelry for you. Monterey Company has been designing custom cufflinks for more than 30 years for its clients, making the process easy and enjoyable.

Do cufflinks make a good gift?

Custom made cufflinks are a great gift for special occasions. Looking for something to give groomsmen who are participating in a wedding? A pair of cool monogrammed and personalized cufflinks will totally complete their look. Who knows, they may fall in love with them and use them often. Is it your anniversary or your partner’s birthday? There is nothing more romantic than custom cufflinks for your loved one, no matter the style you choose. Maybe with just his initials on them, a love quote, or his favorite superhero, why not? Graduations? Promotions? New job? New baby? Custom cufflinks let the recipient know you care. They can also be used over and over again for years to come.

Are cufflinks considered a fashionable accessory for women?

Sure, cufflinks are known to be used mostly by men to exude elegance and class, but since the 1920s they have been worn by women too. Women are braver when it comes to fashion and without a doubt they love jewelry. A smaller pair of custom made cufflinks could serve as a unique and special gift.

What about cufflinks with company logos?

Custom cufflinks with a company logo are becoming a new trend nowadays, used as a form of branding and advertising. Your company logo, name or its slogan can be added to personalized cufflinks, made with any kind of material, colors, or shape you like and in the quantity you need. A custom cufflink with your logo is the perfect way to increase your brand awareness in a fashionable way.

Customize your cufflinks

For the best results, work with experienced manufacturers, such as Monterey Company, where you can find the best-trained artists to design the product you were always looking for.

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