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There are two types of lapel pinheads. Those who benefit directly from custom pins, and those who benefit from the aftermath.

custom pinsLapel pins may date back to the 13th century, but modern custom pins aren’t your grandfathers. As a matter of fact, pins have become quite the staple in the contemporary wardrobe. Popular for their many styles, lapel pins might even be one of the most customizable accessories to ever exist. In fact, with as many activities and interests as are around today, it’s no surprise that pin designs are seemingly never-ending. Of course, the secret to this is in your own imagination. Designing a pin for militia use or children’s choir uniform is all a matter of dye, metal and most importantly, ideas. As time has gone by, however, the uses for lapel pins have become increasingly diverse. And what has come from all of these custom pins? A huge gold-mine for custom pin collectors.

“Most of all, however, custom pins have made a functional impact; both in war and in culture.”

While you may wear a lapel on your jacket or shirt, collectors are wearing them on their walls. The reason being is not only their era-themed looks but also their historical significance. In fact, lapel pins are one of those decorative items that can’t really be called an accessory. At least, not for certain. Although you may view lapel pins as nice pieces of decorative metal, they have stood for many things; both offensive and motivational. Most of all, however, they have made a functional impact; both in war and in culture. A case study, for example, is the Soviet Union.

From 1922-1991, the Union of Socialist Republics used pins for all sorts of things. USSR Custom pins were used as souvenirs, in sports events and even to represent their culture. Handing out these pins raised awareness for their ideas, and stood as motivation for their actions. Custom pins made an important impact on their numbers both supporter-wise and financially. To this day, many lapel pins are sold on the same concept. However, modern custom pins are sold on, perhaps, a less offensive premise.

From Disney to the USSR, everyone loves custom pins.

Another favorite of many pin collectors is cartoon character pins. It seems like custom pinsyesterday that Walt Disney first began creating cartoons, however, reflecting on his first cartoons in 1923, Disney is nearly 100 years old. This means that many of the custom pins designed with classic Disney cartoon characters are soon-to-be antiques, and we all know how collectors flock over antiques. In fact, Disney pin trading has become quite popular in recent years. This trading event is amazing because it allows collectors to share exclusive and limited edition custom pins. Disney pin trading typically takes place in Disneyland mid-August. Betty Boop, who is celebrating her 84th anniversary this year is also a popular collector’s pin as well as The Hard Rock Cafe pins (1971).

It’s weird to think that some of the lapel pins made today will be collector’s items in the future. Military pins, nonprofit pins, and even current McDonald’s name-tag pins will all be antiques in 100 years. However, old tactics die hard, and I believe that lapel pins will never go out of style. They will simply evolve like they have in the past from their retro relatives boutonnière’s (which were exclusively flowers.) Some historians even claim that boutonnière date back to the Aztecs. It’s really funny to imagine that even your custom pins could be the ones that collectors are trading in 2116. But for now, whether it’s for the significance of your sales or your interests, how about checking out how you could benefit from custom pins? All you need is an idea, a goal and to be ready for some sweet success.

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