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custom hat pinsCustom Made Hat Pins Designed With Your Logo

Although lapel pins are most commonly seen on shirts, jackets, and bags, a unique new trend seems to have set the bar. Bold, modern, and a cutting-edge way to rep your business, custom made hat pins have become a choice commodity for companies and organizations worldwide. Not only are these nifty gadgets entirely customizable, but they shed light on a clever sales tactic that is, well, brilliant to say the least. This tactic is used by large companies such as Coca-Cola and small businesses such as your local bakery. Perhaps even one of the best sales strategies ever come up with. And that is: depending on your merchandise to sell itself.

Now, I know that it may sound like playing with fire. In fact, you may be asking yourself how a simple lapel pin could rep an entire business. Well, to be honest, the life of a hat pin may not be quite as simple as you think. And in order to give this idea a little more depth, I talked to one of my favorite shop’s owners, Patrick Smith, who has been selling custom-made pins in his store for over 15 years. To begin, I asked him to show me the hat pins he sold. They were fairly simple, just pretty silver rimmed purple moons. “I like to keep things simple.” Smith said, smiling, “I like to think that it’s easy on the eye, which makes the hat pins easier to wear, and easier to talk about.” And this, Smith says, is the key to having success with self-selling merchandise.

“People love my hat pins, I love the business I get from the hat pins. It just works.” Patrick Smith, Local Shop Owner

Smith quickly explained to me that selling hat pins has been an interesting custom hat pinsadventure. “Since I began selling them, I’ve definitely noticed a rise in business,” he stated. “People come from neighboring towns, I’ve had some even come from out of state. Hat pins have been an interesting way to advertise because I have regulars, and then get regulars’ friends, and so on. I’ve met some interesting people through my lapel pins.” Smith adds that he does promotional sales events on a regular basis as well, “I’ll do these sales sometimes where it’s ‘Buy up to $20, get a free hat pin.’ People love free stuff, I love the business I get from the hat pins. It just works.”

After talking with Smith, I was tempted to buy a hat pin! It’s almost funny how a small thing such as a hat pin can help support an entire business in the long run. In fact, in my opinion, I think that wearing pins on hats instead of shirts is pretty clever. Hats are easy to notice because they are in your head. This also makes it difficult to miss any neat accessories, such as pins. It’s also smart because unlike promotional t-shirts and bags, pins are small and inexpensive but last a long time. They are easy to wear almost anywhere and go with practically any outfit. If I were a business owner or organization leader, customizing hat pins would be one of the first steps I’d take.

With hat pins, it is the idea that counts.

But hey, what about you? Hat pins is a step you can take to success and can include a variety of pins including musical note pins or your favorite animal.  There are lots of empty hats out there just waiting to be filled with the pin design of your choice. However, designing them never has to be more difficult than your logo. It’s really up to you how creative you get with your hat pins. And if you need ideas or expert advice, our pin engineers will be happy to give you some. Proven to work, this advertising concept is more than just a fad.

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