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Symbolize and treasure the things you care about with custom pins.

For their 20th anniversary, the Friendship Children’s Center, a nonprofit day school in Washington, D.C., created a special lapel pin with the help of The Monterey Company.

The pewter pin featured a child’s hand–with a heart in the center on a swatch of material. According to Lisa Danahy, Friendship Children’s executive director, the school had been using a double hand logo since 1992. However, two years ago, they redesigned the logo into a single hand with a heart in the center.

“The heart symbolized the nurturing bond and helping hand that we extend to every child and their family,” Lisa said,

The original logo had a yellow rectangular box in the background; yet, Lisa wanted to soften it a bit. The resulting yellow swatch was a better identifier and transferred better onto published materials.

For their 20th anniversary, in conjunction with the “Week of the Young Child,” the school gave out 100 pewter pins to their faculty members, board members, parents and other community supporters.

To her, the pewter pin was classy, versatile and gender-neutral. “The natural material spoke to the natural foundation to which our teaching is built,” she said. “The three-dimensional effect of the hand carved into the pin, with the uneven edges of the swatch, gave the pin warmth, without being too “cutsie” or juvenile, which can happen sometimes when designing gifts in the education field.”

Lisa couldn’t have been happier with The Monterey Company. “I attribute the fabulous final results to the great consultation from the folks at The Monterey Company,” she said. “They listened to what my goals were and offered practical design advice. They turned it into a treasured keepsake that embodies the soul of our school.”