Getting creative with anniversary lapel pins adds a whole new aspect to your memories.

At The Monterey Company, they believe that a good company logo or design should not be limited to just to lapel pins. One customer put his design on a belt buckle. He recently returned from his 50-year high school reunion where a classmate of his had the foresight to create an anniversary lapel pin that featured the school’s name, mascot and years on it. It was a high polish die struck gold pin with spot color. The knight mascot in the middle of the pin had color on the helmet and plume. Yet, the rest of the custom-made metal pin, including the text, was all raised and recessed sandblasted metal. It was elegant to match the occasion. At the 50-year reunion was when the idea came to him. Why not put the same logo on belt buckles? Since he owned a company in El Monte, California, that made custom made springs, he could easily adapt the custom-made metal pin to a piece of metal and make it into a belt buckle, he said. So when he ordered the 50-year anniversary pin from The Monterey Company, he asked them not to attach the pin part and butterfly clap (that comes standard with lapel pins). Even though The Monterey Company could have put the design onto a belt buckle for him, the customer wanted to do it himself. I’ll just line up about six buckles in a row, then glue the 50-year anniversary pin to the top of them, he explained. It only takes a few hours to dry, and voila! The anniversary lapel pin has a new life! At the 50-year reunion, other classmates were so excited about the idea that they were giving him orders for custom-made metal pins right at the table. So far, the customer has about 50 orders he needs to fill. He’s not charging his classmates anything for making them, only postage if they live far away. I figured it would be a nice memento of this special day, he said. We aren’t likely to have another 50th anniversary.

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