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Wear your heart on your sleeve with custom lapel pins, and gain business!

“You always wear your heart on your sleeve,” is a popular expression aimed at romantic young girls. Yet, no one would expect the same expression could help you market your business better.

Whether you’re a Real Estate agent, eBay reseller, web designer, actor or clown, lapel pins can help you market yourself better, and put your name out in front of others.

I recently attended a birthday party for my two-year-old niece. The cake was custom made and the food was locally catered. Yet, the party’s highlight was the clown.

She performed magic tricks, created balloon art and painted faces. It delighted the birthday girl and captivated the adults and children alike. However, what was most surprising to me was the business savviness of the clown.

On her hat, lapel and both sleeves, she wore clown-faced lapel pins featuring her name and website address. In a small basket next to her magic gear, she gave out several more pins. The children naturally picked them up and wore them around. And the parents took them as business cards to contact her for their children’s next birthday party.

“Lapel pins work better than business cards for me,” admitted the clown, who is booked months in advance. “Cards get lost or buried in people’s wallets, while lapel pins are colorful and memorable.”

She chose the website address instead of her phone number because it’s more constant. “My phone number is always changing,” she said. “While my website has photos of all of my parties, prices and a lot more information they can review at their leisure.”

“Lapel pins at The Monterey Company are inexpensive, and beautifully designed. The clown face design that I use was included in the cost of the pin,” she said. She gives the lapel pins away at schools, events and every birthday party she attends. “The small price I pay to create the pins always comes back to me ten-fold.”

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