Raise awareness with custom awareness lapel pins.

Labor Day in the U.S. is traditionally celebrated the first Monday in September. In 1882, President Grover Cleveland dedicated it as a day of reconciliation with labor unions after many strikes, riots and workers’ deaths. However, for most Americans, Labor Day is traditionally considered the official “end of summer,” where families rest, watch parades and host barbecues and picnics.

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It is also the last holiday before school begins. In Florida and California, some schools reconvene in early September. It is no secret that California schools are in dire need of funding. Classrooms are overcrowded, books are in short supply and teachers are overwhelmed. One way to alert attention to California schools or any other cause, is to “wear it on your sleeve,” with a lapel pin. The Monterey Company, based in California, has assisted many organizations in creating attractive lapel pins that get instant recognition. Their designers’ help by keeping the graphics strong, the text short and the message focused. The company also keeps the prices affordable, so organizations can produce more for their dollar. When Paul Stark, president, started The Monterey Company 20 years ago, one of his first customers was Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), an organization dedicated to alerting the public about the problems of drinking and driving. Stark helped the group create a unique lapel pin that was later handed out at a major sporting event. Then 10,000 MADD pins helped catapult the group and its message to the forefront of the American public. The Monterey Company can help your organization generate awareness by putting your message on a lapel pin