Help your organization raise funds with nonprofit lapel pins and gemstones.

Many nonprofit organizations have asked The Monterey Company to create lapel pins that they can use as donor gifts. So when donors donate, they receive decorative pins as an acknowledgement of their financial support.

One local nonprofit organization, the Animal Rescue Friends of Idyllwild (ARF), works to find permanent homes for animals that are homeless, unwanted, or otherwise neglected. They offer spay and neuter assistance, low-cost heart-worm testing and treatment and emergency veterinary care, among other things.

The Monterey Company created a nonprofit lapel pin for ARF that depicted a profile of a large dogs head immediately next to a profile of a cats head. Below those images was the organizations acronym, ARF.

“It was a real simple design, yet it let people know immediately that it was a group that helps domestic animals,” said Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company, who personally supports the organization.

The Monterey Company created a one-inch die struck pin with black enamel. ARF introduced the pins at a fundraising event and pretty soon the room was filled with donors wearing the new pins.

One way ARF and other organizations can distinguish various donation levels would be to add imitation gemstones. The Monterey Company can inlay synthetic sapphires, rubies, garnets, emeralds or diamonds to create an elegant look. Adding a gemstone to a 100-pin order is approximately another $125. The Monterey Company charges $50.00 as a one-time set-up fee and .75 cents per gemstone. For instance, ARF’s lapel pin with a diamond is for donors who donate $500, a ruby for donors who give $250 and a garnet for those who give $100.Like one organizer said, “You can see how much they gave from across the room.” Help your organization raise funds with lapel pins and gemstones.