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Custom head badges can be a huge selling point for many bike shops.

bicycle head badges customThe love of bike riding can be an intoxicating thing.  And we have witnessed that first hand up here in Idyllwild with our local bike shop, which was the first to order custom bike head tube badges from us.  But now we have the honor of being part of the elements that go into a Bella Rosa Bike, and the results are simply cool! Custom head badges for bikes are one of the best ways for bike shops to create Brand awareness.

Heather of Bella Rosa, who also has a blog of the same name, shared a bit about her and her husband Brian’s journey into making custom bikes.  I love getting to interview people like this that have a passion and then make it a living for themselves.  We at The Monterey Company feel the same about what we do and always thrive on working with like-minded people.

Heather shared, “It all began in 1988 when Brian purchased his first custom road bike. It was like giving candy to a baby for the first time. Nothing could describe the type of ride and efficiency that this bike gave him. After many long training miles and bike races, the bike PROVED to be top notch. At that point, he knew he was addicted! Addicted to quality hand built goodness. He knew then that someday he would personally be cutting, mitering, jigging and aligning frames for others to enjoy.”

Years later, both Heather and Brian found themselves in a position to sell their business and dive into the love they both shared which was bike making.  Brian now runs Kelson Bikes which makes custom bikes for men and Heather runs Bella Rosa, which makes custom bikes for women.

“Both, Kelson and Bella Rosa are aimed at crafting quality custom bicycles using the finest materials.  We are able to build custom bikes out of steel, titanium, and carbon fiber.  The difference between the companies is that Bella Rosa is all about women.  Women are built differently than men, and we recognize this.   We are able to take specific measurements and design the bike around the needs of the individual rider.  Currently, the companies are being run as separate businesses.  We encourage each other and work together to make each company successful.”

You can imagine then the fun it was to work on these custom head badges with Heather.  They turned out beautifully and we are proud to be part of such a great endeavor.  On her blog, Heather shared the picture above of her bike head badge shipment and said, “These beautiful custom head tube badges are going to make the Bella bikes even more beautiful.  I can’t wait for the next build.”  We can’t either!

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