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Tips on How to Photograph Small Pins, Coins & Jewelry

Tips On Taking Picture Of Jewelry If you are trying to learn how to photograph shiny objects, small pins, coins or charm jewelry, here are some excellent tips. We now just use an iPhone with the image sitting near the window when we shoot our lapel pins and custom charms. Don’t have an iPhone? Well, […]

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Customized Earrings Can Help Your Non-Profit Raise Awareness

Custom Earrings may be small, but they can help your organization make big changes in the world. What earrings are you wearing today? Worldwide, customized earrings are one of the most commonly worn and sold accessories. In fact, you really couldn’t choose a more popular item to raise awareness with. If your organization sells a […]

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western custom earrings

Custom Earrings Accessorize the Success of Your Organization

Custom Earrings have been around for 5000 years. Does this mean they are a wise choice to kick-start the success of your organization? Did you know that custom earrings have been around since the Bronze age? These small, yet powerful accessories have existed for millennia and were worn by our early ancestors, but we still can’t seem to stop finding […]

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Custom Lanyard Life Is a Life Lived with Ease

Nowadays, people have become pretty impatient. And let’s face it, you are probably one of them. When you want something, you want it now. When you get groceries, you try to balance the third bag on your knee while you struggle in vain to unlock your apartment door. But let’s be real here people, there […]

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Head Badges

Custom Bicycle Head Badges for The Adventurous Bike Shop

The Head Badge for the front of your bicycle may be more important than you think. Adrenaline courses through her veins as she whips around another turn, the back tire of her Giant Stance 0 gripping agilely in the mud. Three days since the rain came and it’s the perfect time for mountain biking. As […]

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Custom Lanyards for Photographers and Show Badges

You may use them to carry keys, but custom lanyard keychains are the perfect way to hold a camera. Lanyards, even though they have been around for years, are fast becoming the photographer’s new best friend. With all of the custom options that are now available, they have become a useful tool while on the […]

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custom lapel pins

5 Traits Of A Great Emblem Manufacturer

Although it may seem difficult, conveying your company personality could simply be a matter of custom lapel pins. Conveying your brand and company personality to the world at large in a consistent and elegant manner takes a bit of work.  The key, of course, is to finesse this in such a way as to not […]

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PVC Luggage Tag

PVC Luggage Tags

Travel a lot? Never lose your suitcase again with custom PVC luggage tags. Manufacturers have understood and long held the market for creating things like luggage tags, zipper pulls, and magnets out of PVC rubber. The versatility of this material makes it a durable and highly designable resource for making what is fast becoming an identity piece […]

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fish and wildlife custom coins

What Are National Park Coins?

Beautiful National Parks deserve beautiful mementos such as custom coins, pins and more! National Park Gift Shop Coins The most collectible mementos at national parks are lapel pins.  Usually depicting either the mascot or an identifiable scene from the park itself, these pins get collected and traded the world over by hikers, campers, supporters and […]

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custom medallions

2012 Olympics In London

Olympians really know how to sport their custom medals. It’s here. We wait and we wait and then finally the Olympic games come back around. This Summer Olympics will be held in London. Cities bid to host the Olympics. The city must have proper accommodations, security, transportation etc. It gets approved by the IOC (International […]

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