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embroidered patches

Embroidered Patches Show Girl Scouts that They Can Accomplish Anything

Custom Girl Scout patches are a wonderful way to help your Girl Scout celebrate her unique skills and talents! As all Girl Scouts know, custom embroidered patches are a great way to celebrate. Besides highlighting skills and accomplishments, patches motivate girls to take on challenges. In fact, they are a fundamental way to encourage learning and leadership. More importantly, receiving […]

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Custom Hat Pins are A Smart Strategy for Success

As I write this article, Hat Pins are re-defining success for millions of businesses. Although lapel pins are most commonly seen on shirts, jackets, and bags, a unique new trend seems to have set the bar. Bold, modern, and a cutting-edge way to rep your business, custom hat pins have become a choice commodity for companies and organizations worldwide. Not […]

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Cooperstown Trading Pins

Cooperstown Trading Pins

Cooperstown Pins  Located in beautiful Cooperstown, NY, Cooperstown Baseball World stands as living proof that playing serious baseball isn’t just for the major leagues. Also known as CBW, Cooperstown Baseball World hosts tournaments for aspiring baseball players ages 12-16 from June to August. It showcases a professionally groomed playing field and hosts the only primary […]

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awareness lapel pin

Lapel Pins that Support Cancer Awareness Month

May is brain cancer awareness month; a time to celebrate the lives of those who fought brain cancer and cheer on those who have conquered it. Although advancements in medical science are making it possible for doctors to treat cancer more efficiently and with fewer consequences, it is still an imminent threat to human mortality. […]

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Softball pins

Fundraising for School Sports Teams

Raising money for your sports team or school? How about trading pins? Sports teams for youngsters are one of the most memorable events for them when they grow up and look back on their childhood. They are so important because they are a great way to keep them busy (and out of trouble) and to […]

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United States Presidential Election Pins

Gear up for the Presidential with election Pins. There is no way you can be part of the Western world and not know we are gearing up for the presidential elections here in the United States.  Everywhere we look, on TV, magazines, newspapers, internet news sources, blogs, magazines, and in our communities are images of […]

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customized pins

The Democratic National Convention Pins

Great slogans and great custom democratic pins go together like politics and controversy. Have you been watching the speeches?  The constant barrage of Facebook stream commentary?  The commercials that run endlessly on television?  (secret confession:  this Monterey writer doesn’t have a television partly for this very reason!)  Despite all of the overwhelming amounts of information […]

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custom marathon medals with red ribbons

Case Study: The 9th New York Volunteer Infantry

Custom medals come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and ages. Dennis Schurr had always been interested in art and history. What was most fascinating, however, was the history of his Great Great Grandfather’s American Civil War regiment. He has spent the better part of the last two decades researching all he could on this family […]

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christmas candle pin

Holiday Pins For Cards

Spread the Christmas cheer with custom holiday pins! Creativity gets into high gear for the holidays. Hanakkuh and Christmas specifically become the big holidays for gift giving and with the economy being what it is, people are looking for ways to purchase inexpensive gifts that are still classy, long lasting and meaningful. We at The […]

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custom bicycle head badges

The Bella Rosa Bike Company Head Badges

Custom head badges can be a huge selling point for many bike shops. The love of bike riding can be an intoxicating thing.  And we have witnessed that first hand up here in Idyllwild with our local bike shop, which was the first to order custom bike head tube badges from us.  But now we […]

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