Case Studies

The Bella Rosa Bike Company Head Badges

Custom head badges can be a huge selling point for many bike shops. The love of bike riding can be an intoxicating thing.  And we have witnessed that first hand up here in Idyllwild with our local bike shop, which was the first to order custom bike head tube badges from us.  But now we […]

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Google And The Importance Of Service

Google coins that search out the true meaning of gratitude for our veterans. Google. Really, I have to admit that when this case study came across my desk I was thrilled to get the chance to talk to anyone even remotely associated with the company. Aside from all the amazing product that Google comes up with […]

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bear earrings


Love wildlife? Custom design it on a pin. For thousands of years, the Crow Indians have admired the Bighorn sheep. Known for their large horns, sharp eyes, sure-footedness, great strength and strong heart, the Bighorn sheep are believed to have exceptional power and wisdom. The Bighorn ram, which weighs anywhere from 250 to 500 pounds, […]

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school pins


Symbolize and treasure the things you care about with custom pins. For their 20th anniversary, the Friendship Children’s Center, a nonprofit day school in Washington, D.C., created a special lapel pin with the help of The Monterey Company. The pewter pin featured a child’s hand–with a heart in the center on a swatch of material. […]

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performers badge

Heart on Sleeve

Wear your heart on your sleeve with custom lapel pins, and gain business! “You always wear your heart on your sleeve,” is a popular expression aimed at romantic young girls. Yet, no one would expect the same expression could help you market your business better. Whether you’re a Real Estate agent, eBay reseller, web designer, […]

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anniversary lapel pin


Getting creative with anniversary lapel pins adds a whole new aspect to your memories. At The Monterey Company, they believe that a good company logo or design should not be limited to just to lapel pins. One customer put his design on a belt buckle. He recently returned from his 50-year high school reunion where a […]

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Nonprofit Lapel Pins Help Nonprofits Get Donations

Help your organization raise funds with nonprofit lapel pins and gemstones. Many nonprofit organizations have asked The Monterey Company to create lapel pins that they can use as donor gifts. So when donors donate, they receive decorative pins as an acknowledgment of their financial support. One local nonprofit organization, the Animal Rescue Friends of Idyllwild […]

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