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Celebrating Accomplishments With Custom Challenge Coins

  Challenge coins and celebrating accomplishments. Challenge coins, also known as military coins, have been sought after since the first World War as an insignia of strength, loyalty, bravery, and virtue. Beginning with the heroic tale of a poor soldier who was given a challenge coin by his lieutenant and who was later saved by his […]

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Artisan Made Custom Coins Increase Performance

High quality, finely detailed and simply artisan made custom coins. Although there are many different ways to thank your employees, troops and government agents, one way, in particular, is very popular. Not only is it popular, however,  it has been for decades and has a pretty cool historical story behind it as well. Know what I’m talking […]

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Custom Commemorative Coins

Looking for custom commemorative coins? You know when you love an idea or person so much, that you want to dedicate something to them, but you don’t know what? Well, dear reader, this is it! Custom commemorative coins aren’t your average pocket-change. These coins pay for something larger. They pay for memories. Commemorative coins come in all shapes and sizes to […]

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Commemorative Coins Keep Memories in Mint Condition

Commemorative Coins are an excellent way to celebrate what is important. Do you need to celebrate a person, occasion or event? Save the memory with commemorative coins? Commemorative coins are also popular with organizations. They can easily be designed with a founders face or an organization goal. Made to last and can be designed with […]

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Brave Your Challenges with Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins may be hard to earn, but they are worth more than just face value in the end. Want to know one of the best examples of American pride? Turns out that the NFL, military, and NASCAR have something in common challenge coins. Military coins are small coins or medals that are carved […]

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Let the Adventure Begin with Custom Geocaching Coins

Do you know about geocaching coins? Living in Oregon has brought up many opportunities for me to get outside and embrace the diverse amount of activities the surrounding wilderness has to offer. And as spring flowers delicately into summer and the snow begins to ebb, in contrast, one of my favorite things to start doing […]

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Law Enforcement Coins Coin A Reward for The Expense

Law enforcement coins memorialize the bravery of police and firemen! Do our police and firemen get the attention they deserve? Certainly, specific videos that have gone viral of late have gotten the public’s attention, though unfortunately have not put law enforcement under the best light. However, I feel as though the answer is more complex; that […]

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A Pot of Geocaching Coins at The End of The Rainbow

Geocaching coins are a token way to mark your own geocaching hunt! Baby, did you GPS us? Because you’ve found the location of your geocache dreams. Geocaching has been a popular outdoor sport for nearly 20 years. A game for all ages, geocaching is a fun, engaging way of finding adventure, and logging it online […]

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Popular Custom Geocoins

Custom Geocaching Coins for The Adventurer in You

Custom Geocaching Coins A significant part of Geocaching! Should you be interested? Before we get into the importance of designing amazing custom geocaching coins, here is a brief definition of Geocaching. Geocaching [jee-oh-kash-ing] Noun An outdoor recreational game composed of searching for hidden objects, such as custom geocaching coins, via Global Positioning System (GPS) points […]

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The History and Future of the Challenge Coin

Traditionally, military challenge coins were designed and minted to represent a soldier’s squadron identity. History tells of many stories about how these coins came to exist, but three of them are legendary. Recently, from the 1980’s to today, these coins have soared in popularity and the design possibilities seem endless. At The Monterey Company Inc. […]

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