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Custom Charms are helping to transform beach cleanups into a fun and rewarding activity for the youth.


How do you view litter on the beach? What you may see as washed-up trash, Eco-minded organization Planet Love Life sees as a resource. In fact, they specialize in transforming debris from the sea into custom charm bracelets, necklaces and more. The brainchild of Rob Webster and marine scientist Brittany Webster, Planet Love Life was born in mid-2014. Since its starting point, it has sold nearly 9000 custom charms and thousands of other products in the name of the 200+ ocean species affected by trash in the sea.

Although technically they are titled as a for-profit, this organization does not take their love for marine life lightly. All proceeds from their sales go directly to corresponding non-profits and beach cleanups. They believe that by looking at washed-up junk in a different way, they can clean up our oceans and save marine life. In fact, where you may see dirty rope washed up on the shore, Planet Love Life sees a potential for custom charm bracelets.

Charms and beach rope actually look really great together.

When I began my interview with Rob Webster, I immediately felt inspired by his

charm cords from beach debris
Eco-friendly energy. “My wife and I do it all: the emailing, answering phones, arranging beach clean-ups, designing custom charms for fundraising and reward… inspiring the next generation to take care of our oceans is the first priority for us,” Webster explained to me that although many may know the ocean as a beautiful place for adventures, vacations, and celebrations, beautiful white sands are not the case for every beach.

Nassau in the Bahamas is, in fact, Planet Love Life’s next destination for a coastal beach cleanup. “Nassau gets a ton of tourism. Unlike us though, they don’t have lifeguards or anything to clean up their beaches. This means that their beaches get filthy with trash and no one is cleaning it up. Since one of our main goals is inspiring youth to clean up the beaches, we’re collaborating with Bahamas Plastic Movement to arrange a beach cleanup with kids from the area.”

Although it sounded like a pretty typical cleanup at first, things quickly got more interesting as he continued. “Planet Love Life is based around reusing trash picked up on beaches. Instead of throwing away the trash, it’s going back with the kids. We’re going to help them turn the garbage they picked up into custom charm bracelets and other cool and useful items. He explained that the custom charm bracelets would act as a reward for the kids. These custom charms would hopefully encourage them to go reuse more washed-up trash in the future. Listening to his plans even inspired me to want to go clean up nearby beaches!

Planet Love Life is transforming our oceans, but they aren’t throwing away the garbage on the beaches. They’re reusing it!

Inventive is one of many ways to classify Planet Love Life. They prove that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. After all, I certainly wouldn’t have thought to turn washed-up plastic rope into a custom charm bracelet. Working with Planet Love Life was a remarkable experience, and I hope to interview them about more products in the future. I felt very inspired by their ideas and encouraged to help make a change, myself. The next time I visit the coast, I know I’m going to look for materials I can reuse. If you want to help save marine life, the first step is simple. Just pick up a piece of trash the next time you visit the coast and send it to Planet Love Life. They’ll turn it into something neat, like a custom charms bracelet, and your contribution will help save marine life.

paul stark marine mammal rescuer

Northern Fur Seal Rescued and Released Back Into The Pacific Ocean!

A little-known fact: The president of the Monterey Company (Paul Stark) has personally dedicated many years rescuing entangled marine mammals including hundreds of California Sea Lions.

Mr. Stark has rescued marine mammals from oil platforms, beaches, buoys and rocky coastlines along the California Coast.  You can read about one cute sea lion rescued by Mr. Stark in August 2014 Huffington Post article, “This Adorable Baby Sea Lion Needed Help, So It Hopped On A Surf Board

Eco-friendly and hand-crafted, Planet Love Life’s charms were built to endure intense ocean activities, while featuring delicate details.

Planet Love Life’s recycled marine debris awareness accessories are hand crafted from salvaged fishing nets & ropes collected during beach cleanup projects.

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