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Custom Charms date back to Queen Victoria herself!

Charms run a royal bloodline, and the popularity and adoration over charms in America and England today more than likely came from Queen Victoria herself. Queen Victoria was known for doting over trinkets such as charms, and even started a charms trend among the noble classes in Europe. Vital to the growth of popularity surrounding charms, she adored wearing bracelets and necklaces with charms and even gave them as gifts! When Prince Albert died, Queen Victoria made popular “mourning charms”. This is to say locks of hair of the deceased locked inside charms while pictures of the deceased decorated the walls of the charms. This is perhaps what makes heart-shaped love charms or lockets on necklaces portraying something from a significant other so popular today.

Although the history of charms is royal and romantic, the use of charms is modernly so versatile, that I can remember getting a charm for my younger sister when we were kids, as well as making a charm for my grandmother for her birthday when I was older. Charms not only represent love, companionship, and friendship, but they also represent causes, awareness, and beliefs. Although they may be one of many, charms are a creative, fun, classy, or even professional way of representing support in the things that matter to you most.

Fallen Angel Charm

It seems the slogan of jewelry everywhere is, “where did you get that?” And no, the answer is not us, it’s you! Although your charms are crafted by our experts, it took you to get us there! We are continuously amazed by how creative and thoughtful our customers are. From cancer awareness charms to birthday party favor charms, the limit to the uses of charms breaches infinity. The other amazing thing about charms is that your customers, friends, family clients, and other lucky owners of your custom trinkets will wear the charm! And believe it or not, from there, “where did you get that?” will go miles for your business. It’s like being reimbursed for your purchase with us through the eye-catching style of the charms you created. How convenient.

Chinese lion charm

We don’t roll like other companies roll. With us, there’s no wait time when you call, simple, easy service, and genuine products. Our number one focus is to please our customers, but with some companies that entails selling cheap products that will make you happy now, but break later. For us, that’s a huge no-no. We source our hand-crafted charms, pins, PVC patches, and other products from only the most reliable, selectively chosen materials. Our clasps, Velcro for PVC patches, and other adornments are built to last the full lifetime of your product, our paint is well below the levels of lead recommended for human health by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and our metals aren’t plated, they’re real. We believe in quality that lasts for years and remains bright, colorful, and hassle-free. Money is not what defines us, and we can prove that to you through the reliability and honest nature of our products. Whether you are looking for charms for the holidays, charms for a special occasion or funky charms for all ages, The Monterey Company will give it to you straight, no waiting, no mind-boggling forms, no hidden costs, and no overpriced fake metals. Just simple product with an affinity for your satisfaction.

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